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40 Mother’s Day gift ideas from our BT hosts

BT Toronto | posted Friday, May 12th, 2017

Kevin, Dina, TK and Frank each share their top ten gift ideas for mom this Mother’s Day!


  1. Flowers
  2. Candy
  3. Spa day
  4. Mani/pedi
  5. Breakfast in bed
  6. Homemade gift certificates
  7. Day off
  8. Shopping spree
  9. Picture of her made of macaroni
  10. Homemade gift basket with her favourite things


  1. Books and tea
  2. Bath salts/candles/favourite music download


  1. Hug her
  2. Say you love her
  3. Give her a day of rest
  4. Do the laundry
  5. Clean the house
  6. Make her dinner
  7. Wash dishes
  8. Put away dishes
  9. Go for a walk together
  10. Repeat once a month!


  1. Mani
  2. Pedi
  3. Bikini wax
  4. Blowout
  5. Makeup application
  6.  Blouse/top
  7. Skirt/Pants
  8. Heels/shoes
  9. Handbag/accessories
  10. Glamour shots/photo shoots

(Bonus: And a date with George Clooney).


  1. Roses
  2. Hydrangeas
  3. Ageratum
  4. Petunias
  5. Pansies
  6. Mandevilla
  7. Orchids
  8. Weed the garden
  9. Mulch the garden
  10. Cut her lawn


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