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TTC addresses ‘hot car’ issue

CityNews | posted Tuesday, May 16th, 2017


As the weather heats up, the TTC is making efforts to ensure subways won’t cause you to lose your cool.

With temperatures expected to hit 29 degrees on Wednesday, the transit provider says crews have worked hard over the past seven months to fix the ‘hot cars’ that plagued Line 2 users last summer.

Commuters on the Bloor-Danforth subway line endured a sweaty ride due to a shortage of functioning HVAC systems on the older T1 cars, the TTC said in a press release.

They said enough cars have been repaired or overhauled this year to provide a cool, comfortable ride. In addition, if a car’s HVAC system happens to malfunction while it’s in service, the TTC will be able to quickly remove and replace the affected train.

In order to “aggressively attack” the problem, the TTC has, to date, spent $7.5-million of a proposed $13-million program to repair and rebuild the HVAC systems on older trains.

Systems on 151 cars have been rebuilt and 63 others have been repaired so far.

Even though only a quarter experienced failures last year, the HVAC systems in all 370 cars on the old T1 fleet will reportedly be overhauled by the end of this year.

This will significantly reduce breakdowns in the long term, the release said.


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