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Police investigating after posters threaten Leslieville dog owners

NEWS STAFF | posted Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Posters have appeared in Leslieville threatening dog owners
Police are investigating after a series of disturbing posters appeared in Leslieville targeting dog owners.

The threat is aimed at dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets. It reads in part, “To the person that lets their large dog use this area for a bathroom and will not pick up after the dog. Please be warned we have dropped small treats in the grass that will make your dog REAL SICK.”

Poster found in the Leslie Street and Mosley Street area threatening dog owners

The posters, which have been spotted in the Leslie and Mosley streets area, goes on to say that dogs who ingest the treats will start to vomit and should be taken to the vet immediately. It says while dog’s won’t die, they will become “real sick.”

Police say they have not received any reports of dogs getting sick.


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