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Some falling concrete likely from trucks, not crumbling Gardiner: police

CARL HANSTKE AND NEWS STAFF | posted Tuesday, Jun 6th, 2017

Large chunks of concrete fall from Gardiner Expressway, March 17, 2014. CITYNEWS
The Gardiner Expressway may be crumbling, but apparently it’s not as bad it appears to be.

Toronto police say tests have shown that some of the concrete debris on the Gardiner isn’t from the expressway itself, but likely from debris falling off of trucks.

Since 2012, there have been 86 reported incidents of concrete flaking off the underside of the Gardiner and crashing down on the road below.

Const. Clint Stibbe says of the 86 cases, only 22 – or around 25 per cent – were chunks that actually fell off the expressway.

“The other 64 have been determined to be from other sources, some of which are overweight trucks where their loads are coming out and onto the Lake Shore or onto other areas of the the roadway,” Stibbe told 680 NEWS on Tuesday.

According to the latest numbers, seven of the cases were determined to be construction debris likely from trucks. The cause of the other 57 reported incidents is not yet clear.

Police say overloaded dump trucks are prone to have bits of concrete debris spill out and land on the road.

The city is in the process of tearing down portions of the Gardiner due to its deteriorating state. One of the projects involves tearing down the existing ramp from the eastbound Gardiner to York, Bay and Yonge streets and replacing it with a shorter ramp to Lower Simcoe Street.

The ramp has been closed to motorists since April 17 and construction is scheduled to wrap up next January.


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