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Dude, where’s my car: Syracuse teen loses car at Toronto concert

NEWS STAFF | posted Thursday, Jul 20th, 2017

We’ve all been to concerts and lost something – phone, lighter, your ticket. But what about your car?

Gavin Strickland, 19, drove up from Syracuse to Toronto for Sunday’s Metallica concert. He says after the concert ended, sheer terror hit him – he couldn’t remember where he had parked his blue-green Nissan Versa sedan.

Strickland says he recalls it was on the first floor of an underground garage and within an eight dollar cab ride to the Rogers Centre.

Stickland’s parents took to Craigslist to help in the search. Their ad reads in part, ‘Our doofy son parked the car in an indoor parking garage, in the first floor (slightly lower / basement level) but that garage cannot be located. …Please respond with photos of the car and specific location instructions.’

According to his father Eric, the garage was near a Starbucks, some construction, a strange spiral statue and a bank, possibly an RBC branch. The car has Florida license plates, a small Canadian flag affixed to the door frame, and a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker.

The Strickland’s are offering a $100 reward for photos of the car and specific location instructions.

In the meantime, Gavin doesn’t seem too broken up about the missing car. He was apparently at Korn concert in Syracuse on Wednesday night. His parents say he took an Uber to get there.

Update: As of Thursday morning, the car has been found.

A missing Nissan Versa was found after a man drove it from Syracuse to Toronto for a concert, but forgot where he parked. CRAIGSLIST


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