4 in hospital after chemical released at recycle plant

CityNews | posted Friday, Oct 6th, 2017

Four people are in hospital after a hazmat issue at a fibre recycling plant.

Emergency crews were called to Arrow Road, in the Sheppard Avenue West and Highway 400 area, just after midnight Firiday, for reports that some sort of chemical powder was released inside the building.

“We immediately isolated the situation [and] we had decontamination crews on site,” Platoon Chief Doug Harper with Toronto Fire Services explained.

“Crews went inside and they investigated to try and determine what the actual source of this irritant was. Unfortunately it was inconclusive.”

Harper said that despite the substance being a minor irritant, for precautionary purposes all workers inside the plant were decontaminated and then turned over to paramedics to be evaluated.

Paramedics said the four people in hospital have respiratory issues but are expected to be okay.

There has been no word on what the leaked substance was.

“Tonight we’re going to secure the scene, allow it to ventilate naturally and then tomorrow morning we’re going to be sending additional crews in and they’re going to monitor the situation,” said Harper.


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