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Liberal Sherry Romanado says Tory MP James Bezan made sexual comments

CityNews | posted Tuesday, Dec 5th, 2017

Members of Parliament were shocked when Liberal MP Sherry Romanado stood in the House of Commons on Monday and revealed that Conservative defence critic James Bezan had made “unwanted comments” to her “that were sexual in nature.”

Earlier in the day, Bezan had made a vague apology saying he had made “an inappropriate and insensitive comment” at a public event earlier in the year.

He has since released a statement explaining that the incident happened in May during a photo op at Ottawa city hall. He says he made a flippant remark by saying  “this isn’t my idea of a threesome.”

Bezan says it was meant to be a partisan comment about being in a photo with a Liberal member of caucus. He claims he realized his comments were inappropriate and attempted to apologize to Romanado the next day but “was not afforded that opportunity.”

A formal complaint was made to the House of Commons Human Resources and a review was launched into his comments by the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

Bezan says the CHRO found that this was not a case of sexual harassment and no disciplinary action was recommended. He claims to have undergone sensitivity training and that he has apologized to Romanado both in person and in writing.

Romanado is not making any further comments.


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