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Why is Santa ignoring Justin Trudeau’s texts?

CityNews | posted Wednesday, Dec 20th, 2017

His progressive policies and poster boy good looks may have connected with voters, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wasn’t so lucky when he tried to connect with Santa Claus via text message recently.

No, the PM isn’t on the naughty list and there’s nothing wrong with cellphone reception in Ottawa. Santa has simply received a more important message loud and clear: There’s no room for distracted driving, whether you’re behind the wheel of a sedan, an SUV, or a sleigh.

Trudeau’s playful and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to receive a response from Santa is the theme of new video released by Transport Canada that reminds Canadians to keep their eyes on the road this holiday season.

In the video, Trudeau is attempting to text Santa, but he’s getting a shoulder that’s colder than the North Pole. Dismayed, and unaccustomed to rejection, Trudeau contacts Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, seeking an explanation.

“Hey Marc listen, where is Santa?” the peeved PM asks. “He usually responds to my text messages and I’m not hearing from him. Is everything under control?”

Garneau assures Trudeau that he hasn’t been ghosted by the jolly old elf.

“Mr. Prime Minister you have absolutely nothing to worry about,” Garneau responds. “We are closely watching Santa and he’s well on his way. I’ve reminded Santa to put down his cellphone so he’s not tempted to talk or text. I don’t want Santa to get distracted while he’s driving his sleigh.”

With the PM’s bruised ego finally comforted, Garneau reminds Canadians to mimic Santa’s steely focus.

“As you travel to see your family and friends keep your eyes on the road and avoid being distracted. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a highway or stopped at a red light. When you’re not focused on the road things can happen very fast. Stay safe and happy holidays.”


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