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Toronto nightclub accused of racism for Stir Fry party

Nitish Bissonauth | posted Tuesday, Mar 6th, 2018

Wildflower, an upscale venue inside the Thompson Hotel, is facing social media backlash after hosting an event called Stir Fry.

Some are calling Sunday night’s bash offensive, culturally inappropriate, and even racist, after pictures of an employee surfaced wearing a conical hat and squinting his eyes.

“Really? In 2018? On Oscar night where we are celebrating diversity and inclusiveness? Wow,” said Andrew Shortt, a Creative Strategist and Partner with the firm Radical Quo.

The event Sunday was conceptualized and themed after the latest track from Atlanta-based rap group Migos, called Stir Fry.

And while Stir Fry is doing well for the group, the same can’t be said for Wildflower.

“It’s past cultural appropriation…It’s trying to be fun and have humour, but it’s so racially charged that in 2018, it’s a silly thing to do,” said Shortt.

We reached out to Wildflower for an interview. They wouldn’t appear on camera, but in an email statement, told CityNews:

“We demonstrated poor judgement and we certainly lacked sensitivity … The event was conceptualized and themed after a popular song and was executed without thinking carefully of the repercussions … On behalf of Wildflower, we are sorry and regret our actions.”

They’ve also posted and deleted several apologies on their Instagram account. The latest one, however, still doesn’t have people convinced, with hundred of negative comments pouring in.

One user writes, “Poor judgement? how bout no judgement shame on you.”

Another wrote: “Racism is alive and well in Toronto’s club scene.”

A representative from Wildflower says appropriate action will be taken with the individuals responsible.


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