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Search for alleged dognappers caught on surveillance video

Nitish Bissonauth | posted Monday, Mar 19th, 2018

A Toronto couple is asking for the public’s help after Bella, their Schnauzer-Poodle mix, was taken from outside a grocery store on Front and Princess streets.

The owners say they tied Bella to a pole just outside the store on Sunday afternoon where they were shopping for just a few minutes. After returning, they noticed she was gone.

“I felt really safe in this neighbourhood, I’ve done this a couple of times in the past in the spring and in the summer. I never thought that someone would steal our dog, that’s a crime – and in broad daylight,” said Amy Zhang.

The couple searched the area and were surprised when they spoke with employees at the Pet Value down the street who say they saw Bella with a different couple.

A man wearing a white hat, black hoodie and carrying a backpack is captured on surveillance video entering the store with the dog. The employees say the dog didn’t look in distress and that they had no idea this man wasn’t Bella’s owner.

“She was just sitting down, as if she was waiting for a treat,” said Rina Reyes, an Pet Value employee.

“The only thing that was suspicious was that he kept giving his palm for the dog to smell, normally you only do that with an estranged dog.”

And that man wasn’t alone. Shortly after leaving employees say a woman with short purple hair, wearing a dark parka with a fur hood was caught trying to steal dog food.

Employees say they stopped her and demanded she return the food. She then met up with the man outside and they both left the scene.

“She said she didn’t have any money,” said Rose McNally-Spencer, the employee who confronted the woman.

“If you don’t have any money, why would you steal a dog?”

According to Toronto police, dog napping or stealing someone else’s pet is considered theft and depending on the value of the pet, they could be charged with theft either under or over $5,000.

“We just want her back. If anyone can just help us, return her back to the humane society. She’s micro-chipped, so if she returns they’ll be able to contact us,” said Zhang.

“As long as she’s safe and fed, that’s all we ask for and we’re happy to offer a cash reward for her safe return.”

The Zangs say Bella is an important part of their family and they fear for the dog’s safety.

Bella was last seen wearing a red leash with a pink harness.

Late Sunday, the Zhangs received a tip that Bella had been spotted on her own near Dupont and Bathurst streets.


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