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Suspects in attack on man with autism believed to be from B.C.: police

BT Toronto | posted Tuesday, Mar 20th, 2018

Peel police believe the three men responsible for an attack on a man with autism in Mississauga are from British Columbia.

Investigators say they have received numerous tips after they posted a video of the attack and descriptions of the three men online. They believe the men recently travelled to the GTA from the Lower Mainland area of B.C.

A 29-year-old man with autism was left with a broken nose and cuts to his face when he was attacked in the Square One bus terminal on March 13.

**Warning: the contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers**

All three suspects are described as South Asian males, five-feet-ten-inches tall.

The first suspect has a light complexion and a thin build with a dark, short beard and straight, black hair above the ears. He was wearing a black t-shirt with an Air Jordan logo and white lettering with black track pants and black shoes.

The second suspect is described as clean shaven with a light complexion and thin build. He is wearing a black jackets with a greay horizontal stripe across the chest and a grey vertical stripe along the hood along with black track pants and black shoes.

The third suspect is unshaven with a medium complexion and medium build. He is wearing a black hoodie with a Nike logo on the front and Nike lettering along the sleeves with black track pants and black shoes.

Officers are asking for the public’s help, specifically on the West Coast, encouraging them to watch the video and contact Peel police if they have any information that could help identify the suspects.

Home under construction in Nobleton goes up in flames

BT Toronto | posted Tuesday, Mar 20th, 2018

Fire crews are on scene after a fire broke out at a home under construction in Nobleton.

Emergency crews were called to the home on Robinson Road around 11:30 p.m. on Monday.

Police said the fire caused extensive damage to the house. Several other homes in the area were evacuated as a precaution.

Other homes in the area have reportedly been damaged by the fire.

Police say there have been no reports of any serious injuries.

There has been no word on what caused the fire.


Man in life-threatening condition after alleged assault in Brampton

BT Toronto | posted Tuesday, Mar 20th, 2018

A Brampton man is in hospital in life-threatening condition following an alleged assault in Brampton.

Peel police responded to a call in the Cedarcliff Trail and Sandalwood Parkway are around 6 p.m. Monday for reports of two males allegedly assaulting another male using sticks.

Police say a victim in his 20s was found with life-threatening head injuries and was rushed to a trauma centre. The victim’s car was also located at the scene.

Police are speaking to witnesses but no suspect information is available at this time.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact police.

School-zone safety blitz launches post-March break

BT Toronto | posted Monday, Mar 19th, 2018

Children are heading back to school Monday after March break, and police will be out making sure the return to class is a safe one.

Toronto police will be launching a two-week road safety blitz at Cornell Junior Public School near Lawrence Avenue East and Markham Road at 7:30 a.m.

Mayor John Tory, deputy police chief Peter Yuen, Coun. Paul Ainslie, and other city and Toronto District School Board officials, will be at the launch.

The “Slow Down Toronto” blitz will take place in school zones. Police will focus on driving behaviours — speeding, distracted driving, and aggressive driving — that lead to serious and fatal crashes in the city.

The road safety campaign ends of Sunday.

During the launch, Tory will also announce the next steps in the city’s “Vision Zero: Road Safety Plan,” which focuses on school zones and areas around schools.

TTC to install gate after car found in streetcar tunnel again

BT Toronto | posted Monday, Mar 19th, 2018

For the second time in the span of a week, a vehicle was driven into the Queens Quay streetcar tunnel early Saturday morning.

Police say a BMW was driven into the tunnel and proceeded towards Union Station. It was found at least 150 metres past Queens Quay Station shortly before 4 a.m.

The TTC brought in a swing crane, usually used to move track in subway tunnels, to retrieve the vehicle.


Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook told 680 NEWS the driver was found in the vehicle with his foot “stuck on the gas pedal” although the car had come to a complete stop. A 24-year-old from Toronto has been arrested and is facing impaired driving charges.

No injuries were reported.

The 509 and 510 streetcars were turning back at Queens Quay West and Spadina, with shuttle buses operating to and from Union Station. Regular streetcar service resumed approximately six hours later, around 10:15 a.m.

A similar incident prevented streetcars from operating on the route during the early hours of March 11. It happened shortly after midnight and took approximately three hours to clear.

TTC spokesman Brad Ross says a gate mechanism will now be installed to prevent cars from driving into the tunnel — along with the signs, rumble strips, flashing lights and raised track already in place.

He told 680 NEWS that the TTC has resisted the installation of a gate in the past because they are prone to failure.

“The problem with gates is they are mechanical in nature and they can fail … and what that means is that they could trap a streetcar until we can get the gate up,” he said. “We were hopeful that with all the additional signage and rumble strips that we have added and the bollards and the more lights we’ve put in and lowered the lights to eye level for car drivers that that would be enough, but clearly it hasn’t been.”

Along with the possibility of mechanical failure, Ross also points out another potential problem.

“You’ve got to wonder though, is the gate now going to crack windshields instead because people hit the gate?” he said. “Nevertheless we have to do something. Clearly we cannot continue to endure cars driving into the tunnel.”

Ross said since the previous incident last Saturday, TTC staff has been looking into installing a gate.

“This is the tipping point,” he said.

“Enough is enough. We’ll put that gate in and hopefully that will bring an end to these weekend jaunts.”

It is unclear what kind of gate is being considered or when it will be installed. Ross said a design and timeline will be announced when a final decision is made.

Search for alleged dognappers caught on surveillance video

Nitish Bissonauth | posted Monday, Mar 19th, 2018

A Toronto couple is asking for the public’s help after Bella, their Schnauzer-Poodle mix, was taken from outside a grocery store on Front and Princess streets.

The owners say they tied Bella to a pole just outside the store on Sunday afternoon where they were shopping for just a few minutes. After returning, they noticed she was gone.

“I felt really safe in this neighbourhood, I’ve done this a couple of times in the past in the spring and in the summer. I never thought that someone would steal our dog, that’s a crime – and in broad daylight,” said Amy Zhang.

The couple searched the area and were surprised when they spoke with employees at the Pet Value down the street who say they saw Bella with a different couple.

A man wearing a white hat, black hoodie and carrying a backpack is captured on surveillance video entering the store with the dog. The employees say the dog didn’t look in distress and that they had no idea this man wasn’t Bella’s owner.

“She was just sitting down, as if she was waiting for a treat,” said Rina Reyes, an Pet Value employee.

“The only thing that was suspicious was that he kept giving his palm for the dog to smell, normally you only do that with an estranged dog.”

And that man wasn’t alone. Shortly after leaving employees say a woman with short purple hair, wearing a dark parka with a fur hood was caught trying to steal dog food.

Employees say they stopped her and demanded she return the food. She then met up with the man outside and they both left the scene.

“She said she didn’t have any money,” said Rose McNally-Spencer, the employee who confronted the woman.

“If you don’t have any money, why would you steal a dog?”

According to Toronto police, dog napping or stealing someone else’s pet is considered theft and depending on the value of the pet, they could be charged with theft either under or over $5,000.

“We just want her back. If anyone can just help us, return her back to the humane society. She’s micro-chipped, so if she returns they’ll be able to contact us,” said Zhang.

“As long as she’s safe and fed, that’s all we ask for and we’re happy to offer a cash reward for her safe return.”

The Zangs say Bella is an important part of their family and they fear for the dog’s safety.

Bella was last seen wearing a red leash with a pink harness.

Late Sunday, the Zhangs received a tip that Bella had been spotted on her own near Dupont and Bathurst streets.

Talks set to resume in York University strike on Tuesday

BT Toronto | posted Monday, Mar 19th, 2018

Talks aimed at ending the York University teaching assistants strike are set to resume this week.

In separate statements released on Sunday, both sides sounded cautiously optimistic that the other was serious about getting a deal done.

The university said getting back to the table was “in the best interest of our students and the York community” but added there continues to be no evidence of movement by the union on its 41 demands including wage increments, expansion of benefits and other increases.

“Nevertheless, CUPE 3903 has communicated that it believes a negotiated settlement can be reached if the parties return to the table,” said the university statement. “In the interest of our students, we believe that it is important for us to return to the table to hear CUPE 3903’s proposals for a resolution.”

The union says a return to bargaining cannot be “a simple matter of optics” and called on the university to stop bargaining through the media and come to the table in good faith.

“We are willing to be flexible, but this commitment must be returned,” said the statement from CUPE 3903. “We are concerned that York’s recent communication fails to acknowledge the key issues members have indicated on numerous occasions.”

The strike is entering its third week after 3,700 faculty members, teaching assistants, graduate assistants, research assistants, part-time librarians and archivists walked off the job back on March 5 after rejecting what the university termed its final offer.

On March 13th, the university says it put forth three options including a request for a “realistic counter proposal” from the union, binding arbitration on the most contentious issues and non-biding mediation.

The university says the union rejected all three options on March 15th and has provided no further response.

The last strike at the university back in 2015 lasted for 28 days.

10-month-old dies from carbon monoxide poisoning in Barrie

BT Toronto | posted Monday, Mar 19th, 2018

Barrie Fire says a 10-month-old infant has died after being found with carbon monoxide poisoning on Sunday morning.

Emergency crews were called to a home in the Barre Drive and D’Ambrosio Drive neighbourhood around 8:30 a.m.

They discovered a woman, a 10-month-old infant and a 3-year-old child in the home that had high levels of carbon monoxide.

The mother and infant were unresponsive and taken to hospital in life threatening condition. The 3-year-old was alert when firefighters arrived.

Samantha Hoffman with Barrie Fire told 680 NEWS the carbon monoxide levels in the home were over 300 parts per million

“The regular level is zero,” she said. “You’re at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning if you’re exposed to a small amount of carbon monoxide over a long period time or a lot of carbon monoxide over a very short period of time.”

Hoffman says the home did not have working carbon monoxide alarms.

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