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Caitlin Cronenberg holds a secret party at Taglialatella gallery

Kye Mack | posted Thursday, Apr 11th, 2019

I visited Taglialatella Galleries on the day of a secret party, a pop-up exhibition for Caitlin Cronenberg. Canadian photographer and artist, Caitlin has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. From photographing Robert Pattinson to shooting the iconic cover of Drake’s VIEWS album, Caitlin is a force to be reckoned with.

Sitting down with Caitlin, I was able to ask her about HEAT, her newest pop-up exhibition at Taglialatella Galleries.


BT: What inspired HEAT?

C: “HEAT was inspired by the earlier stages of my photography career, and the messy, hectic, crazy shoots that I started out doing. The Michael Fassbender shoot was the very first shoot I did for L’Uomo Vogue, and it was a cover. The pressure was outrageous, but it was such a positive experience. We shot in an abandoned train yard in downtown LA, behind a salsa factory. The cops showed up near the end and threatened to arrest us for trespassing. Those early shoots really shaped my shooting style and reminded me to stay loose and free while I’m shooting and let the moments come naturally. It’s powerful for me to see them all together in one shoot, and also featuring one of my newer works (GOLDFINGER). It’s nostalgic, and it’s where I got my start.”


BT: How did you get involved with Taglialatella galleries

C: “Taglialatella has been incredibly supportive of my career thus far. We did a show together during TIFF with works from The Endings. It’s a great venue in a classic Toronto neighborhood. The gallery opened where the Coffee Mill used to be, which is where I used to have lunch with my best friend and our moms when we were kids. It’s so lovely when things come full circle like that!”


BT: How long will your show be running?

C: “The pop-up show will run for 6 days, until April 16th! Come check it out!”


BT: Has your dad impacted your photographic perception?

C: “I think every creative person in my family has a very unique visual style. My dad [David Cronenberg] taught me not to be afraid and to create exactly what I want to create without holding back. No fear!”


BT: Who were/are your heroes that inspire your work?

C: “I’m inspired mostly by the people in my life who hustle and work hard to achieve their dreams. As corny as it sounds, I couldn’t work as hard as I have been without other amazing women in my life who have paved the way and shown me not to slow down. Every person I shoot inspires me at that moment to capture them authentically, and that is the greatest gift I can get.”


BT: What sparked the shift from fashion into photography?

C: “When I got to fashion school I realized that my favourite part of “fashion” was sewing. My fellow students reminded me that I didn’t want to be a designer, I wanted to be a seamstress. So I re-evaluated and decided to explore photography while I finished my fashion degree. I love fashion but I didn’t feel the passion for it that I felt for photography, and in both of those industries, you need a full commitment to see any kind of success. Especially in Canada.”


BT: How has your work changed over the years

C: “I think my work has become more focused. I realize the kind of stories I want to tell and I know how to tell them. There is less guesswork in my photos now, I know how to achieve what I want. It’s always a collaboration with my team and my subject as well, but I have more confidence in my vision now which really helps.”


BT: Which photo of yours has helped shape your career?

C: “I think the cover of Drake’s Views album is the most recognizable photo I’ve ever taken, even if people don’t know I took it! It is something I am incredibly proud to have been a part of, and I love being able to represent Toronto on a large scale like that!”



HEAT will be on display at Taglialatella Galleries from April 11th – April 16th.





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