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TTC, GO Transit create ‘no-go’ zone to accommodate Raptors crowds

Spencer Gallichan-Lowe | posted Tuesday, Jun 11th, 2019

The TTC created a “no-go” zone Monday to accommodate the large crowds that were downtown to take-in Raptors fever.

Streetcars and buses were diverted at half-time, TTC spokesperson Stuart Green said Monday.

He added that 25 buses were on standby to help with the re-routing and five extra subway trains had been put into service.

“Extra subway and downtown bus service pre-game. Extra trains post-game with last northbound trains from Union Station at 2:25 a.m,” Green said in a Tweet at 4:18 p.m. “Connections will be available east-west at Line 2 and [eastbound] on Line 4.”

Green said the TTC was worried about overcrowding on platforms, so it was necessary to take these steps.

In addition, the Union Station GO bus terminal was closed soon after tip-off and is expected to remain closed for the rest of the night.

While the terminal is closed, buses that usually come through Union Station Bus Terminal will be detouring:

Route 61, 63, 65 or 71: All GO bus trips will begin and end at the Hwy 407 Station. GO fare can be used on the TTC subway for travel between Hwy. 407 Station and Union Station.

Route 21 or 31: All GO bus trips will begin and end at the Port Credit GO station. For travel between Port Credit and Union Station, take the Lakeshore West train.

Route 16: This route is now suspended. To travel from Hamilton to Union Station, take the Route 18 bus from Hamilton GO to Aldershot GO and then continue on the Lakeshore West train to Union Station. To travel from Union Station to Hamilton, take the Lakeshore West GO train to Aldershot GO and continue on the Route 18 GO bus to Hamilton.


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