Pizza Pizza customers sound alarm after bank accounts allegedly drained

Tina Yazdani | posted Tuesday, Jul 16th, 2019

A number of Pizza Pizza customers are sounding the alarm after becoming the victims of alleged fraud.

They say their debit cards were swapped and stolen while they were making payments during home deliveries and thousands of dollars were taken from their bank accounts, just hours after they ordered Pizza Pizza to their homes.

“Not only is it tragic, it’s beyond surprising,” customer Arantes Harris said. “Such things shouldn’t occur anywhere, there’s no words to really describe it really.”

“It’s scary because I mean it’s not only about losing your money, it’s your personal information,” Raihan Shirazi, another customer, explained.

CityNews was contacted by multiple Pizza Pizza customers in the same week with identical stories about how their bank accounts were drained.

“I was like … ‘this is not my card!’”

The stories start out the same way — a man arrives at the door, delivers pizza in a box – without a hot pack or delivery bag — the customers both paid with debit, and were given receipts..

But at some point while they were paying their debit cards were allegedly swapped with ones that looked identical to their own.

“So I came to my wallet, and took out the card, and I was like … ‘this is not my card!’” said Shirazi.

“I pulled my card out and I started to punch the numbers in,” said Harris, “but I noticed the first set of numbers were off by one digit – immediately I recognized that wasn’t my card.”

It wasn’t until the customers were notified through their banks that they realized, their accounts had been compromised.

“Everything that was in my account was gone, except for $9,” said Harris. “I was quite angered you know.’

“So I said ‘what do I do now?’” said Shirazi. “I’ve never been in this situation — so first thing I said is: am I gonna get my money back? Right now I have basically negative $899.”

The customers, who placed their orders from different locations, said the only red flag they saw during the interaction with the delivery person was that the pizza was not delivered in a hot pack or a delivery bag, but everything else about the transaction seemed normal.

In a statement, Pizza Pizza told CityNews security is one of their top priorities.

“At Pizza Pizza, the safety and security of our customers is of the utmost importance,” the statement read

“We have processes and protocols in place to ensure this does not happen. We are currently investigating to understand more and will be taking the appropriate action.”

More than just money, the customers are wondering if their personal information has been compromised, and how the delivery men could have possibly known their orders, and addresses.

“I’m figuring it’s either an inside job or … I did an online order so maybe somebody saw that,” said Greg Thompson, another Pizza Pizza customer explained.

“I just wanted an answer from Pizza Pizza and make people aware. I mean, that’s the most important thing because. You’re talking personal information. If you can lose all your personal information just from ordering pizza, what about other stuff that we do day to day.”

Police told CityNews there are no open investigations into this as of yet but the customers were told that officers would be in touch with them in the next 48 hours.


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