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6 Tips for Cool Summer Sleeping

Riley Glenn | posted Friday, Jul 19th, 2019

Summer is awesome. Beach days? Check. Barbecues? Check. Not wearing 11 layers of clothing every time you leave your house? Check. Sweaty Sleep? Unfortunately, check.

Let’s get scientific for a moment. When we sleep, our body’s internal temperature drops by about 1 or 2 degrees. For this reason, it’s recommended to aim for a room temperature around 15-19 degrees. Easy, right? Well, not when it’s a million degrees outside and you don’t have AC.

If you’re (literally) tired of lying awake at night, trying to un-stick yourself from your sheets and flipping your pillow endlessly so you can finally fall asleep and can catch those much-needed Z’s, this list is for you. Without further ado, here are 6 simple tips for staying cool during hot summer nights.

1 . Open the window

It sounds simple (and it is), but this is a really effective way of cooling down a steaming hot room. Even if it seems just as warm and humid outside as it is inside, even a light breeze will help create a nice airflow, and help suck the warm air out of your room.

2 . Cotton is your friend

Maybe you have a snazzy silk set of Pyjama-jams that you want to wear to bed or an expensive new silk bedspread you want to try out. We’ve all been there (Ok, I haven’t) but I seriously recommend saving them for cooler nights. Instead, stick with cotton, which breaths far better than silk, polyester, or really any other fabric. Better breathing fabrics=less sweat.

3. Cool off before you go to bed

You might be saying, “Hey, that’s cheating! I clicked this for tips to cool off while sleeping”, and I toooootally get that, but I promise you that a cold shower or a dip in a pool prior to bed is easily the best way to stay cool at night. Remember when I said your internal body temperature drops when you sleep? Well, one way to make this easier for your body is to cool off your external body temperature first. Science.

4. Homemade Air Conditioning

Channel your inner engineer and create the ultimate coolness defender. All it takes is a bowl filled with ice or icepacks placed in front of a fan. The ice will cool the air surrounding it, and the fan will, well you can probably figure the rest out. You’re an engineer now, after all.

5. Less is More

Back to the silk pajama-jams, it’s another no. Instead, opt for a loose-fitting t-shirt and underwear or shorts (cotton, of course). Going nude is an option as well, but there is a pretty strong debate about whether or not sleeping nude actually keeps you cool.

6. Be creative

If all else fails, just try things until something works! Put your pillow, sheets, or pajama-jams in the freezer before bed, sleep with an Ice pack, unplug electronics (they all give off a little heat, even when off), whatever it takes! You can do it!


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