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Man concrete-sealed inside illegal pot dispensary

Jenna Salmers | posted Friday, Jul 19th, 2019

The city of Toronto tore down a concrete wall covering an illegal weed cafe on Wednesday when they realized that a man was inside, local police investigate.

The unlicensed chain dispensary operated by CAFE has multiple locations in Toronto that are regularly shut down by police and the city. These locations usually re-open due to loopholes in the system for businesses that double as residences.

In an effort to eliminate this loophole, the city has started building massive concrete walls at the entrance of these businesses.

This strategy seemingly backfired after a man claimed he was sleeping inside the building when they blocked it off. After investigation, however, authorities believe that the man snuck back into the building after the place was entombed.

The man then called 911 after he was unable to escape, and the concrete blocks were removed by local firefighters.

Mark Sraga, the director of the investigative services of the City’s Investigation Services Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S) division told VICE in an emailed statement that ML&S is investigating the incident:

“Evidence shows that someone broke back into the premise, and that cannabis was once again being sold from the location. We have no reason to believe that this individual was locked in as has been claimed. This issue and all evidence will be heard before the Courts.”

It has been reported that more than 70 charges have been laid in connection with CAFE locations although there was no raid in this case.

The concrete blocks have since been re-instated.


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