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This ‘Cats’ teaser is clawing its way through twitter

Jenna Salmers | posted Friday, Jul 19th, 2019

The world got their first glance of Tom Hooper’s rendition of Cats the Movie on Wednesday night, ahead of the official trailer being released this Friday, and the internet is freaking out.

The behind-the-scenes video showcases a hub of celebrities such as Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson, and Taylor Swift well… completely in her element. The cast reflects on the modernization of the classic musical, and the intensive training and preparation endured in order to reach full feline potential.

Artists from all corners of the entertainment industry, from ballet to hip hop performers, have come together to create the film that has been penned more as an ‘international event’.

Aside from Taylor Swift playing Bombalurina and living her best cat life, the advanced technological strategies used in this film are setting standards high for both musical and special-effects buffs alike.

The first revelation the teaser revealed is the massive, real-life scale of the set. Instead of using CGI to create realistic environments, they built real sets scaled to portray the cast as cat-size.

Additionally, Hooper announced that the film is paired with a level of technology that has never been used– ‘digital fur technology’, which he says, “[will] create the most perfect covering of fur.”

Although the visuals of digital fur technology were not seen in the teaser, James Corden says the result is, “kind of blowing [his] mind”, and we are living for all of our favourite celebrities to transform into furry friends.

The film will be clawing its way to theatres on December 20, 2019. Let’s hope this isn’t another Sonic The Hedgehog moment.


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