Metrolinx looking at paid parking as the future for GO train stations

Simone Gavros | posted Tuesday, Jan 14th, 2020

GO Train commuters know it’s hard enough as it is to find parking at the GO Train station. Now, Metrolinx has proposed the possibility of changing a percentage of its free parking spots into paid parking spots within the next months.

The amount hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but about 50% of the 70,000 GO Train spots will be turned into reserved parking in the next few years, starting with the conversion of thousands of spots right off the bat. Reserved parking spots currently cost GO Train commuters $98 per month and commuters need to rent a parking space for a minimum of six months.

The plan is still very much in the studying phase as talks of the exact percentage of paid parking spots per station is still up in the air.

Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins said in a statement, “We are just studying at this point. Nothing happening immediately. We are studying solutions as we know many GO customers have a challenge finding parking. We also want to keep their transit costs affordable both for the customer and taxpayers.”

Many GO Train commuters drive to the station in hopes of finding a spot. With this proposed paid parking, commuters may turn to alternate means to get to the station to avoid the price increase.



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