Hannah Georgas on what it’s like being a pop star in the COVID-19 era

THE BIG STORY | posted Friday, May 29th, 2020

In today’s Big Story podcast, imagine you’re a Canadian pop star about to go international. You’ve been working your way up the charts, year by year, with awards, acclaimed albums, and bigger and bigger tours. You’ve now got a new album on the way and a full European tour planned. You’re ready for this to be the biggest year of your career. And it’s February 2020…

The music industry has been ‘disrupted’ a whole bunch of times in recent years, but never have the lives of the people who make the music and the thousands of people who make the magic happen been changed like this. When will live shows return? When would you feel comfortable at a packed concert? How do non-superstar artists survive without tour income? And how well can living room concerts replicate the intimacy of a killer live show?



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