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It’s getting harder and harder to stop disinformation

THE BIG STORY | posted Thursday, Jun 11th, 2020

In today’s Big Story podcast, it’s been a banner year for disinformation, and the past few weeks have been the worst of all. Coronavirus hoaxes and miracle cures are still circulating, but there’s also been a deluge of confusion, lies and misrepresentation around what’s happening at the protests that have taken over streets in almost every town and city in North America.

So how do you tell the real from the fake, especially when the misinformation is sometimes coming from traditional sources of authority? What are the most common hoaxes surrounding these protests? What’s the goal of them? And how close are these social media hoaxes getting to inciting real-life violence?

GUEST: Jane Lytvynenko, senior reporter, BuzzFeed News

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