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City council approves motion asking the province to cap food delivery fees

MOMIN QURESHI, NEWS STAFF | posted Thursday, Oct 29th, 2020

Toronto city council has voted unanimously in favour of a motion that asks the province to put a cap on fees that delivery apps are charging restaurants.

The use of food delivery apps has become increasingly popular since the start of the pandemic. They serve as a convenient way to get your favourite meal dropped off at your door with minimal contact.

But some of these apps charge around a 30% fee, which is hurting a lot of restaurants that are struggling to survive as a result of the pandemic.

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Mayor John Tory said he would like to see something done. He hopes the companies themselves will willingly reduce their fees.

He says it makes no sense that the food delivered ends up being a loss for the restaurants.

“I think these companies that get their business, whose customers are the very restaurants who are suffering, should be stepping up forward as a matter of good corporate citizenship and saying their going to give them a break for a period of time,” said Tory.

Councillor Michael Ford put forth the motion, and thinks it is a step in the right direction. “I think this motion is a piece of the puzzle that we all have to be looking at,” Ford said.

Premier Ford believes those fees are too high as well. He hopes the companies behind the apps will lower the fees and says he is willing to talk to Mayor Tory about it.

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