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Student debt

6 tips for dealing with student debt

BT Toronto | posted Thursday, May 5th, 2016

With thousands of students earning their degrees in the coming weeks, repaying student debt is top of mind. Bruce Sellery shares his top six tips for dealing with the pressure, managing your loans and repaying them in a timely manner.

1) Live like a student

It’s hard to control your income, but Bruce recommends that you try and control your spending. Start by avoiding “lifestyle inflation” and live within your financial means—instead of living on your own, live with roommates.

2) Write it all down

Keep track of your financial obligations, (e.g. student debt, credit card debt, loans to parents), and be aware of the terms of the loans, including the interest rate and the minimum payments you need for each.

Keep in mind that new Canadian regulations state that you don’t have to start repaying your student debt until you make $25,000 a year.

3) Look at your cash flow

Take a hard look at your cash flow to see how much money is coming in and what your fixed expenses are (rent, internet, transit etc.) to set achievable goals. How much can you realistically put towards debt? Look at the big picture: how much are you making on an annual basis to determine a financial plan to pay off debt.

4) Set it and forget it

Set up auto-transfers to various debts on your payday. Make a plan to meet the minimums every month, no matter what.

Avoid not paying your debt as this will affect your credit rating. If your payment goes to collections, it will be a hit to your rating that can take years to fix.

5) Build a buffer

In other words, save extra money that acts as a safeguard. This is also known as an emergency fund, rainy day fund, or back-up savings.

6) Put 10% of income towards debt

Take a percentage of your income to put towards debt. If you do not receive a yearly salary and are working cheque to cheque (e.g. freelancers, contract), take out 10% of each cheque and put it towards debt.

How to donate to Fort McMurray fire relief efforts

BT Toronto | posted Thursday, May 5th, 2016

You can donate $10 dollars to help the people in Fort McMurray when you text the word FIRES to 45678.

Other ways to donate:

  • Text the word REDCROSS to 30333 and a $5 donation will be added to your wireless bill
  • Text the word REDCROSS to 45678 and a $10 donation will be added to your wireless bill

Additionally, Rogers is partnering with Red Cross to support those affected by the Fort McMurray fires by waiving the cost of calls and texts to/from Fort McMurray to help our customers stay safe and in touch with loved ones. Rogers will also be donating $100,000 to Red Cross to help those affected by the Fort McMurray fires.

Rogers is the parent company of City and this website.

Drake Drops New Album ‘VIEWS’!

KiSS 92.5 | posted Friday, Apr 29th, 2016

After months of anticipation, Drake has finally released his new album Views (listen HERE)!

The album feature collaborations with Rihanna, Future, PartyNextDoor, Jay Z, Kanye and more!

Drake took to Instagram to reveal the collaborations ahead of the release…


He also revealed the full producer list for Views.

Views features 19 tracks, with the smash hit ‘Hotline Bling‘ being offered as a bonus song (see tracklist below).

Drake revealed the cover art on Sunday which features him sitting on top of the CN Tower, of course a tribute to his hometown of Toronto.

Drake has already released a few songs from the album, ‘Pop Style’ featuring Kanye West and Jay Z and ‘One Dance’ (which earned him his first ever solo #1 in the UK).

Drake is set to embark on his ‘Summer Sixteen Tour’ (with rapper Future) which will kick off July 20th in Austin, Texas and wrap up September 18th in Vancouver (full dates below).

Views is available on iTunes HERE.



Clean your home with these simple these food items

Carina Kresic | posted Wednesday, Apr 20th, 2016

It’s that time again! Spring has sprung and the cleaning has started.

Did you know that Canadians waste approximately $14.6 billion worth of food every year… about 47% of the total amount purchased!

With all these leftovers, you could easily re-purpose some of these food items and turn them into cleaning products.

Here are seven unlikely ways you can use food to clean around the house:

  1. Potato peels remove rust – Have you ever removed your silverware from the dishwasher, only to find that it’s beginning to rust? Just use the skin of a potato and dip it into baking soda, then rub it along your silverware.
  2. Cucumber removes marks from your walls and shines your shoes – Much like an eraser, the unused ends of a cucumber can be used to remove scruff marks from your walls, and even shine your shoes.
  3. Black tea can be used to polish wooden furniture – Many commercial furniture polishes contains toxic chemicals, which can be harmful to your health and the environment. Instead of reaching for your lemon polish, use a little bit of black tea to polish your wooden furniture. But remember that it must be black tea!
  4. Basil Leaves can be used to keep fruit flies at bay – Basil is a great natural remedy to keep pesky fruit flies at bay. Just keep a bunch in your bowl and let the magic happen.
  5. Egg yolks remove coffee stains from clothing – Some baking recipes call for egg whites only. So, what should you do with the leftover yolks? If you have recently spilled coffee on one of your favourite shirts, use the egg yolk and rub it into the coffee stain. Then wash and voilà!
  6. Onion can be used to clean your BBQ grill – Instead of throwing a less-than-fresh onion into the compost, why not use it to clean your BBQ grill? Cut it in half, and rub it over the grills.
  7. Banana peels clean and polish silverware – The peel of a fresh banana is a great natural cleaning remedy to clean and polish your silverware.


Trying any of these at home? Let us know how it works @BTtoronto!

Happy cleaning!

Tips courtesy of Molly Maid.

For more information visit www.mollymaid.ca

Watch this adorable child blame Batman for drawing on his mom’s mirror

BT Toronto | posted Wednesday, Apr 20th, 2016

Laura Hopkins may have the most adorable two-year-old on Earth.

Check out him blaming Batman for drawing on his mom’s mirror.

Laura wrote on YouTube, “Our 2 year old blaming batman for the lipstick art on my mirror!! 
Far too cute to get mad taking over Facebook!!!”


All children should be born with foreign accents.

Originally seen on Blake and Wylde, KiSS 92.5

Newmarket Library asks some readers to take a shower

BT Toronto | posted Thursday, Apr 14th, 2016

The Newmarket Public Library is handing out letters to people with body odour, pointing out that free showers and laundry facilities are close by.

Some are suggesting that the letter discriminates against the homeless.

Library CEO Todd Kyle says that many library users have openly complained about the financially disadvantaged who often stay at the library all day. In fact, some people have suggested to staff the homeless should not be allowed into the facility at all.

“I’ve had people comment to me that it’s too bad we have human rights laws, otherwise you could kick them out; I don’t have a response to that.”

At least two letters have been given out so far.

Public libraries have long been havens for people with nowhere else to go.

In the U.S., a growing number of library systems are adding services for patrons who are homeless, hungry, or suffering from drug addiction or mental illness. In D.C., libraries are hiring social workers, partnering with non-profits and organizing social hours.

Kyle said the Newmarket library does regularly provide a number of services to homeless and at-risk people. They can use computers and telephones to search for jobs and access social services.

Staff will also connect visitors to Inn From the Cold and other York Region social services, but he stresses it’s not the library’s role to find long-term solutions to homelessness issues.

Which home renovations give you the best return on investment?

BT Toronto | posted Thursday, Apr 7th, 2016

A recent poll from CIBC says that 42% of Canadian homeowners plan to renovate their homes this year, with an average budget of $17,142. There are so many updates that can be done to your home, but which ones will give you the best return on investment?

Here’s a look what you can expect from 25 of the most popular home renovations, according to the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

75-100% ROI: (Return on Investment): bathroom and kitchen renovations

50-100% ROI: Painting interior of the house or painting the exterior of the house

50-75% ROI: Basement renovation, window and door replacement, flooring upgrades, fireplace installation

 25-75% ROI: Roof shingle replacement, central air and decks

25-50%% ROI: Landscaping, asphalt paving, building a fence or interlocking brick walkways, home theatre room

0-25% ROI: Skylights, whirpool tubs, swimming pool

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