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All-door boarding to be allowed on the King Streetcar

Winston Sih | posted Monday, Dec 8th, 2014

Relief could be on the way for Toronto’s busiest surface route, the King streetcar.

Mayor John Tory is expected to announce a new policy allowing all-door boarding on the route, the Globe and Mail reports.

Tory will be joined by newly appointed TTC Chair Josh Colle and TTC CEO Andy Byford for the announcement.

The move could cut about six minutes off a trip of the length of the route, according to a TTC staff report published in the summer.

All-door boarding, or proof-of-payment, is already allowed on the Queen and Spadina streetcars — the second and third busiest lines.

The TTC staff report released in August recommended the policy be rolled out on streetcar routes across the network.

Tory was skeptical of the plan at the time, saying the financial implications of the nine-point plan needed to be addressed.

The King streetcar handles 57,000 passengers a day, more than the Sheppard subway.

The development of condos along the line, including Liberty Village, has led to a surge in ridership along the line.

Transit users along the crowded line took to crowd-funding a pilot project for a private bus to run during rush hour.

The new policy is expected to come with new enforcement.

As when the Spadina line started accepting proof-of-payment, the new policy would be accompanied by more fare enforcement officers.

With files from Sarah-Joyce Battersby, CityNews.ca

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