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‘Disturbing’ long-term care home report doesn’t come as surprise to families


Simon Nisbet is convinced that if he hadn’t moved his mother out of her long-term care home, she would never have left alive.

He said daily visits to her window at Orchard Villa in Pickering led to a mounting list of concerns as a deadly COVID-19 outbreak swept through the home, killing dozens of residents.

He alleged his 89-year-old mother’s call bell lay disconnected on the floor of her room, not far from where he consistently saw trays of untouched food. Staff, he said, were unable to tell him what she’d had to eat or drink and rarely provided updates on the evolving outbreak.

After she was officially diagnosed with the novel coronavirus herself, Nisbet said he could tell from the look in her eyes that she was deteriorating quickly and needed to be transferred to a local hospital for better care.

By the time she got there, Nisbet said she had sustained serious kidney damage due to dehydration. While she appears to have recovered from COVID-19, she remains in hospital in fragile health.

When a bombshell report from the Canadian Armed Forces outlining a litany of problems at five long-term care homes including Orchard Villa was released on Tuesday, Nisbet said he was not surprised.

“I had no choice but to get her out of there,” he said in a telephone interview. “If I trusted what they were telling me, she’d be gone.”

Orchard Villa did not immediately respond to request for comment on the report or Nisbet’s allegations.

The military report, prepared after troops were sent into five homes overwhelmed by COVID-19 outbreaks, details “horrific” allegations of insect infestations, aggressive resident feeding that caused choking, bleeding infections, and residents crying for help for hours. Allegations also included failure to isolate COVID-19-positive patients from the rest of the home and a host of hygiene issues involving everything from contaminated catheters to dangerous pressure ulcers.

Both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford decried the report’s “disturbing” and “horrific” findings, with Ford pledging to fix the long-term care system across the province.

For Celestine Johnston, any reforms will come too late. Her husband Ron died of COVID-19 last month at Anson Place, a long-term care home in Hagersville, Ont., that was not included in the military’s report.

Johnston said her husband contracted the virus from his roommate, who continued to sleep just a metre away from him even after being diagnosed.

As the virus swept through the home, infecting residents and staff alike, she said her husband’s requests to be moved from his bed into his wheelchair often went unheeded and he frequently went without meals or fluids.

He died alone in mid-April weeks after his roommate also succumbed, she said. Anson Place did not immediately respond to request for comment on his case.

“I don’t want to think one day my kids will have to go in a home or maybe I will,” she said. “We can’t be treated that way. This has to be fixed. It’s too late for Ron, but it’s not too late for other people.”

Similar fears haunt Audrey DaCruz, who said her mother spent just eight weeks in an east-Toronto-area long-term care home before dying of COVID-19. In a chat hosted by Ontario’s opposition party leader, DaCruz alleged her mother contracted the virus from her two roommates who were not isolated even after testing positive for the disease. The facility was not included in the armed forces’ report.

“She did not deserve to die this way … with only a masked stranger by her side,” DaCruz said of her mother. “It’s too late for my mom, but there are others still there that we can save.”

The secretary-treasurer of the Canadian Union of Public Employees health care division called the report “sad and troubling,” but said many people have been raising concerns about conditions in long-term care homes for years.

“I think the lives of people working and living in long-term care facilities … are completely and totally undervalued,” Candace Rennick said. “People have just basically, left these people to die in these completely undignified conditions.”

Rennick said the province needs to take immediate action to regulate resident care standards in the sector, increase staffing levels and eliminate for-profit participation.

Nisbet, for his part, agrees.

“I get tired of the taglines from the government that the system is broken,” he said. “I don’t want to hear it’s broken, I want to hear how you’re going to fix it.”

Biologie-Online-High-School-Aufgaben: Physik as Opposed to Biologie

rogerstestuser | posted Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Biologie Online

In einer Biologie on-line Schule Nrw Aufgabe oder Doppel Nrw Aufgabe oder häufiger als Doppel motion Task (DANRWT) oder Dual-Action process (DAT) bekannt ist eine Art von Mathe-Hausaufgaben entwickelt, um ein Teil einer Physik und Biologie Lehrplan zu sein. Es kann gedacht werden als höherrangige Kurs aber Studenten darauf achten die nicht in Standard-Mathematik-Klassen abgedeckt würden.

Die Biologie ist eine Wissenschaft, die mit, wie das Leben auf der Erde entstanden ist. Physik, beschäftigt sich mit, natürlich, wie das Universum funktioniert. Studierende, die Studie der Biologie wird auch Physik lernenauch die viele Karrieren einschließlich der Medizin wichtig ist, Recht, Technik und Bildung.

Es ist keine Ãœberraschung, dass eine Wissenschaft dieser Komplexität ein sehr komplexes Thema ist. Aus diesem Grund DANRWT oft als”dual activity” bezeichnet wird, sowie”Dual motion”. Jede Aufgabe hat eine alleinerziehende Mutter Wissenschaft und jede Wissenschaft hat ein entsprechendes Thema die den Kurs nehmen gelernt werden muß.

Die Aufgabe, dass die Schüler at der Doppelwirkungs-Aufgabe lernen ist das Gesetz der Erhaltung der Energie. Dies ist ein Konzept vor allem in der Biologie gilt.

Die Aufgabe, dass viele Schüler lernen müssen, ist das Konzept der kinetischen Energie. Viele Standard-mechanische Konzepte in der Wissenschaft können zum Leben werden, wie Reibung und Kraft, ghost writer um nur einige zu nennen.

Dann gibt es Reflexbogen Biologie oder Re-Coding Biologie. Dies ist ein Buch geschrieben von Dr. Susan J. Peterson. Re coding Biologie ist ein Student Aktivität verwendet zu lehren Schüler über Zellen und wie sie durchführen biologische Funktionen.

Diesen praktischen Wissenschaft Konzepte zu lernen, Schüler werden dann in der Jura Seminararbeit Ghostwriter Lage sein, diese Konzepte in www.schulz-ghostwriter.de/ dem Alltag anzuwenden. Die wichtigste Lehre durch die Entwicklung dieser High-School-Online-High-School-Aufgaben gelernt habe, ist, dass alle Wissenschaften eine solide Grundlage müssen vor ihrer Anwendung angewendet werden kann.

Pass away Schüler können erwarten, von anderen Disziplinen zusätzlich zu ihrer Biologie oder Physik Klasse Konzepte zu verwenden. Zum Beispiel können sie mathematische Konzepte in der Medizin, Recht, Technik oder Ausbildung nutzen. Eine Möglichkeit basierend darauf, wie sie genetisch betroffen sind.

Die Studenten werden die wissenschaftliche Methode und Versuchsplanung lernen, während sie in diesen wissenschaftlichen Projekten teilnehmen. Diese Projekte werden die Grundlage der Fähigkeiten zum kritischen Denken bilden für alle Karrieren in der Wissenschaft benötigt, einschließlich Engineering, Bildung und Medizin.

Sie eines dieser abgeschlossen haben ob eine Hypothese getestet wurde und was die Auswirkungen dieses Tests sein könnten. Why are Ende des Projektes werden die Kursteilnehmer wissen genug über Biologie und Physik, es zu ihrem Alltag anzuwenden.

Die meisten Projekte beginnen mit Studenten ein Experiment vorbereitet, die mehrere Materialien, und oder Tiere, Werkzeuge enthalten. Die Studenten werden dann in der Lage sein, zu bestimmen, ob ihre Testergebnisse erfüllen oder nicht die.

Studierende, die Biologie Online Gymnasium Aufgaben wird sein, ihr Wissen auf reale Anwendungen anzuwenden. Wenn Sie mehr über diese wissenschaftliche erfahren möchten, besuchen Sie meine unten.

What is Science? A Guide to Understanding Sciencefiction

rogerstestuser | posted Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

What is Science? – What is Science Fiction?

What’s Science? – What’s Science Fiction?

Science is the study of temperament, of its own processes along with the world, and into it. It’s the research of both the natural and synthetic phenomena and so it has physics, chemistry, www.hausarbeit-ghostwriter.at/ psychology, psychology, astronomy, meteorology, geology, geophysics, and a lot of other sciences.

What is a Concept in Science? – Since we have already established, Science may be the analysis of character and what happens to this and so we want concepts to simply help us understand the world we dwell in. While in the case of scientific tests of a system, we are able to group them into categories, specifically Science, Chemical Science, Biological Science, Quantum Physics, and Space Science.

Although I Bachelorarbeit Ghostwriter Preis prefer to categorize theories as theories in separate and unique ways for each category, there is no set pattern or rule that I can recommend. For example, if one thinks that all the theories are mere opinions with no validity, then that person would be guilty of making a single theory, a Theory in Science.

Theories in Physical Science bargain with laws of character ; they clarify how a world behaves and at which it will go in the future. A-Theory at Physical Science is thought of as a series of predictions about how things may act which will be analyzed through observation.

Newton’s concepts were designed from experiments that he’d carried out on apples that were diminishing. These experiments are known as Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Back in Chemical Science, theories might be categorized as physical, biological, or social/biological and therefore on. Likewise Quantum Physics deals.

Physical Sciences includesPhysiology, Behavior, and Evolution, Chemistry, Metaphysics, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Earth Sciences Aeronautics Marine Biology, Nano Technology, Genetics, Immunology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Pathology, Human Biology. These classes would be the 4 leading branches of the Actual sciences.

Biological Science copes with all living strategies as well as their development, expansion, and reproduction. As an instance, Darwinism explains the evolution of species by means of natural selection notions have been used to study different forms of living.

Social/biological Science concentrates how humans connect solely with also ghostwriting the world and some other people generally. Sociobiology discusses humans impact the environment around them through their own consumption, research, schooling, etc.

Area Science can be involved with the analysis of just how exactly, including the planets, stars, and galaxiesand orbit the center of this Milky Way galaxy. Space Science comprises Planetary Science, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Cosmology, Geophysics, and Numerical Arithmetic.

What is Science Fiction? – Science fiction is just really a fictionalized interpretation of what may happen inside the universe. It’s simply within such a fashion that we are able to test our notions.

13 charges laid after dramatic downtown police pursuit

BT Toronto | posted Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Toronto police have laid 13 charges against a Toronto man they allege was involved in a dramatic police pursuit through the downtown core which also involved a stolen police cruiser.

On May 23 at around 7:45 p.m. police allege an SUV was spotted speeding in the Eastern Avenue and Coxwell Avenue area.

When officers tried to stop the vehicle, the driver didn’t pull over and a pursuit began. Police said the pursuit had to be called off for safety reasons.

Later, police said the suspect vehicle drove into a store window near Queen Street East and Jarvis Street and caught on fire.

When officers arrived and tried to get the suspect out of the burning vehicle, it was discovered there was nobody in the car.  Police said the suspect had apparently escaped the burning wreck, only then to jump into one of the idling police cruisers and drive off.

Officers pursued the stolen police cruiser, but the chase was called off again for public safety reasons.

Several minutes later, police said the stolen cruiser stopped on Harbord Street.  An officer arrived at the scene and attempted to arrest the suspect.

It was at this point “the suspect resisted, a struggle ensued and the suspect assaulted the officer,” police said. “More officers arrived on scene and the man was arrested and taken into custody.”

Investigators said no one was hurt.

Forty-three-year-old Cosmin Radulet is facing the following charges:

  • Dangerous Operation
  • Dangerous Operation
  • Flight from Police
  • Dangerous Operation
  • Fail to Remain
  • Theft of Motor Vehicle
  • Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Over $5000
  • Mischief Over $5000
  • Dangerous Operation
  • Flight from Police
  • Assault with a Weapon
  • Assault with Intent to Resist Arrest
  • Assault Peace Officer


Radulet appeared in court on Sunday.

Police said they continue to investigate the incident, and are asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident or may have dash-cam, smartphone, or surveillance video to contact investigators directly.  Tips can also be left anonymously with Crime Stoppers.

Schools and students in limbo as virtual fall term looms

THE BIG STORY | posted Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

In today’s Big Story podcast, imagine being a high-school graduate right now, deciding whether to pay your tuition for post-secondary education in the fall. How do you know what you’ll be getting for your money? Do the lessons in your program even translate to virtual education? And what about the hundreds of things that aren’t taught in classes but make up university life? How much of that will even be possible?

Meanwhile, colleges and universities are trying to make plans on the fly, survive the sudden lack of international students and keep their enrolment numbers from dropping in a world that could look dramatically different in September. It’s going to be a very strange fall term on (or off) campus.
GUEST: Joe Friesen, The Globe and Mail, postsecondary education reporter

You can subscribe to The Big Story podcast on Apple PodcastsGoogle and Spotify

You can also find it at thebigstorypodcast.ca.

Heat warning continues for GTA, 6 emergency cooling centres open

BT Toronto | posted Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

The hot weather continues across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area on Tuesday as a heat warning issued by Environment Canada remains in place.

680 NEWS meteorologist Jill Taylor said the high is expected to be 30 C, but with the humidity it will feel closer to 39.

In response to the sweltering temperatures, the City of Toronto is opening six emergency cooling centres, which will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The location of these centres are:

  • Wallace Emerson Community Centre, 1260 Dufferin St.
  • Regent Park Community Centre, 402 Shuter St.
  • Malvern Community Centre Arena, 30 Sewells Rd.
  • Scarborough Village Community Centre Arena, 3600 Kingston Rd.
  • Amesbury Arena, 155 Culford Dr.
  • Domenico DiLuca Community Centre, 25 Stanley Rd.


“(There is) a definite risk of heat illnesses, such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion, when you’re dealing with a humidex close to 39, even 40,” Taylor explained.

This hot spell is expected to last over the next few days.

High humidex values also bring a risk or showers or thunderstorms.

The greatest chance for wet weather will be on Thursday, with showers in the forecast for the early evening.

During the summer months, residents are being reminded to never leave people or pets inside a parked vehicle.

City to pilot ‘physical distancing’ circles at Trinity Bellwoods

THE CANADIAN PRESS AND NEWS STAFF | posted Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Officials in Toronto say they are exploring the idea of painting circles on the grass at city parks to help with physical distancing.

The city says the method, which has had success elsewhere, will be piloted in Trinity Bellwoods.

‘To assist residents with physical distancing, the City is exploring the use of circles painted on the grass, as has been successful in other jurisdictions,” the City of Toronto said in a statement released Monday.

“This will be piloted in Trinity Bellwoods Park, and staff will evaluate the effectiveness of this measure and may expand it.”

Thousands of people flocked to the west-end park on Saturday in apparent disregard of measures aimed at slowing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accountability group calls for coronavirus transparency, whistleblower protection

JIM BRONSKILL , THE CANADIAN PRESS | posted Monday, May 25th, 2020

OTTAWA — An ad-hoc transparency group is calling on governments to make crucial records related to the COVID-19 pandemic open by default as a measure of accountability to Canadians.

The Canadian COVID-19 Accountability Group urges public officials to proactively release documents concerning health and safety enforcement, scientific and public health research, and contracts, grants, and loans provided to companies and organizations.

The coalition includes academics, lawyers and representatives of groups including the Whistleblowing Canada Research Society and Anti-Corruption and Accountability Canada.

In a report released today, it says the COVID-19 pandemic has demanded dramatic action, both politically and financially, to slow the spread of the disease.

But the coalition says public and private bodies have been less than transparent with the news media and the public about those actions.

The group echoes a recent call from federal information commissioner Caroline Maynard for agencies to release pandemic-related records they create without prompting.

The coalition seeks a clear declaration that Canadian governments will protect anyone who reports public or private-sector wrongdoing pertaining to health and safety, science or the misuse of public funds, particularly during the COVID-19 crisis.

It also recommends the creation of a COVID-19 ombudsman to advise and support Canadians wishing to disclose any wrongdoing they see.

Many Canadians who witness suspect deeds will have questions and require advice about reporting what they have witnessed, the group says.

“Even those in organizations with disclosure mechanisms, such as whistleblower hotlines, may not know of (or trust) them,” the report says. “They would benefit from support in choosing where to go, articulating their concerns and understanding what evidence they need to make a credible disclosure of wrongdoing.”

The report calls for an awareness campaign to educate employees about how to report wrongdoing concerning the expenditure of public funds related to the pandemic, as well as the non-disclosure or manipulation of information about COVID-19.

The coalition acknowledges its recommendations are ambitious and will require “work and consistent, steady leadership.”

Some can be enacted quickly while others, such as the development of comprehensive whistleblowing legislation, will require more time, it says.

“However, without these reforms, it will be difficult for citizens to hold bad actors accountable for their actions and inactions during the pandemic, as well as prevent future failures that could jeopardize both taxpayer dollars and Canadian lives.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 25, 2020.

—Follow @JimBronskill on Twitter

Jim Bronskill , The Canadian Press

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