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Iran says Ukrainian plane was on fire, tried to turn back


The crew of a Ukrainian jetliner that crashed in Iran, killing 176 people, never made a radio call for help and were trying to turn back for the airport when their burning plane went down, an initial Iranian report said Thursday. Ukraine, meanwhile, said it considered a missile strike or terrorism as possible theories for the crash, despite Iran’s denials.

The Iranian report suggests a sudden emergency struck the Boeing 737 operated by Ukrainian International Airlines early Wednesday morning, when it crashed, just minutes after taking off from Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran.

Investigators from Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization offered no immediate explanation for the disaster, however. Iranian officials initially blamed a technical malfunction for the crash, something initially backed by Ukrainian officials before they said they wouldn’t speculate amid an ongoing investigation.

The crash came just a few hours after Iran launched a ballistic missile attack against Iraqi military bases housing U.S. troops amid a confrontation with Washington over it killing an Iranian Revolutionary Guard general in a drone strike last week.

The Ukrainian International Airlines took off at 6:12 a.m. Wednesday, after nearly an hour’s delay at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport, the main airport for travellers in Iran. It gained altitude heading west, reaching nearly 8,000 feet, according to both the report and flight-tracking data.

Then something went wrong, though “no radio messages were received from the pilot regarding unusual situations,” the report said. In emergencies, pilots typically immediately contact air-traffic controllers.

Eyewitnesses, including the crew of another flight passing above it, described seeing the plane engulfed in flames before crashing at 6:18 a.m., the report said.

The crash caused a massive explosion when the plane hit the ground, likely because the aircraft had been fully loaded with fuel for the flight to Kyiv, Ukraine.

The report also confirmed that both of the so-called “black boxes” that contain data and cockpit communications from the plane had been recovered, though they sustained damage and some parts of their memory was lost. It also said that investigators have initially ruled out laser or electromagnetic interference as causing the crash.

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s Security Council, told Ukrainian media that officials had several working theories regarding the crash, including a missile strike.

“A strike by a missile, possibly a Tor missile system, is among the main (theories), as information has surfaced on the internet about elements of a missile being found near the site of the crash,” Danilov said. He did not elaborate on where he saw the information on the internet.

Ukrainian investigators that arrived in Iran earlier on Thursday currently await permission from Iranian authorities to examine the crash site and look for missile fragments, Danilov said.

The Tor is a Russian-made missile system. Russia delivered 29 Tor-M1s to Iran in 2007 as part of a $700 million contract signed in December 2005. Iran has displayed the missiles in military parades as well.

Iran did not immediately respond to the Ukrainian comments. However, Gen. Abolfazl Shekarchi, the spokesman of the Iranian armed forces, denied a missile hit the airplane in a comments reported Wednesday by the semiofficial Fars news agency. He dismissed the allegation as “psychological warfare” by foreign-based Iranian opposition groups.

Danilov also said other possible causes under consideration included a drone or another flying object crashing into the plane, a terrorist attack or an engine malfunction causing an explosion.

The plane was carrying 167 passengers and nine crew members from several countries, including 82 Iranians, at least 63 Canadians and 11 Ukrainians, according to officials. The crash just before dawn scattered flaming debris and passengers’ belongings across a wide stretch of farmland.

Many of the passengers were believed to be international students attending universities in Canada; they were making their way back to Toronto by way of Kyiv after visiting with family during the winter break.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said he planned to call Iranian President Hassan Rouhani about the crash and the investigation.

“Undoubtedly, the priority for Ukraine is to identify the causes of the plane crash,” Zelenskiy said. “We will surely find out the truth.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said 138 of the passengers were bound for Canada.. The flight also included a family of four and newlyweds, too. The manifest listed several teenagers and children, some as young as 1 or 2.

The crash ranked among the worst losses of life for Canadians in an aviation disaster. The flag over Parliament in Ottawa was lowered to half-staff, and Trudeau vowed to get to the bottom of the disaster.

“Know that all Canadians are grieving with you,” he said, addressing the victims’ families.

Ukrainian officials, for their part, initially agreed with Iranian suspicions that the 3 1/2-year-old plane was brought down by mechanical trouble but later backed away from that and declined to offer a cause while the investigation is going on.

While the cause of the tragedy remained unknown, the disaster could further damage Boeing’s reputation, which has been battered by the furor over two deadly crashes involving a different model of the Boeing jet, the much-newer 737 Max, which has been grounded for nearly 10 months. The uproar led to the firing of the company’s CEO last month.

Boeing extended condolences to the victims’ families and said it stands ready to assist.

Concerns continue around whether EQAO will take place amid OSSTF strikes

Simone Gavros | posted Wednesday, Jan 8th, 2020

Today marks the fourth one-day walkout that has been taking place across numerous school boards in Ontario since Dec. 4th, 2019. The strike, that included eight school boards today, prompted questions around what the plan is for Grade 9 students participating in the EQAO math assessment next Monday.

In a news conference held at Queen’s Park on Wednesday morning, Education Minister Stephen Lecce says that it’s up to the school boards to decide on whether or not to hold the test for their Grade 9 students, despite the work-to-rule.

With the continuous striking action among high school teachers in the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation’s (OSSTF), Lecce is aware that the likelihood of the assessment taking place across the majority of school boards is slim. The decision will impact Ontario students and could negatively affect their overall performance, especially for students who haven’t done Math since the previous semester.

“It is unfair that union actions are undermining student success. They are jeopardizing the learning experience of Ontario’s future leaders,” Lecce said in a statement.

The test is still scheduled to take place on January 13, 2020, should school boards decide to proceed with the assessment. Students who do not participate in the EQAO math assessment next Monday will be able to complete it in June 2020.


One-day walkout closes high schools in 8 Ontario boards including Peel

THE CANADIAN PRESS | posted Wednesday, Jan 8th, 2020

Schools in several boards across the province will be closed on Wednesday, as the union representing high school teachers stages a one-day strike.

It is the latest in the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation’s (OSSTF) series of rotating strikes during a contentious round of bargaining with the province.

Wednesday’s one-day strike targets eight school boards, and because OSSTF represents education workers and support staff in elementary schools in some boards, both elementary and high schools will be closed in three boards: Algoma District School Board, Greater Essex County District School Board, and Avon Maitland District School Board.

High schools will be closed in Peel District School Board, the District School Board of Niagara, Limestone District School Board and Renfrew Country District School Board.

All schools will remain open in the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board, as their OSSTF members are 25 noon-hour aides.

President Harvey Bischof said he would call off the strike if the government agreed to return to last year’s class size levels, but Education Minister Stephen Lecce rejected the offer.

Teachers were angered when the government announced that average high school class sizes would jump from 22 to 28 and four e-learning courses would be mandatory for graduation.

The government has since scaled back those increases, to a 25 class size average and two e-learning courses, but the union says that’s not good enough.

Lecce has repeatedly said the key sticking point is compensation, with the union demanding a roughly two-per-cent wage increase, and the government offering one per cent.
The union, which represents 60,000 teachers and education workers, began one-day walkouts on Dec. 4 with a job action that closed schools across the province. It has followed up with weekly rotating strikes that have closed all secondary schools and some elementary schools at the impacted boards.

In December, a government-appointed mediator called off negotiations between the province and the union saying the parties remained too far apart. No further dates are scheduled.

SIU investigating after man injured in police-involved altercation in Mississauga

BT Toronto | posted Wednesday, Jan 8th, 2020

A 28-year-old man was seriously injured in an altercation with police officers in the Erin Mills area of Mississauga on Tuesday night.

Plain clothes officers from the street crime unit were investigating a vehicle for drug activity in a townhouse complex in the area of Winston Churchill Boulevard and Eglinton Avenue West around 7:45 p.m.

Const. Sarah Patten said when officers approached the vehicle, it drove towards the officers and one of them fired several shots at the vehicle.

The vehicle then swerved into a garage of one of the townhouses.

No other injuries were reported.

The Special Investigations Unit has invoked its mandate and is taking over the investigation.

The SIU is an arm’s length agency that investigates reports involving police where there has been death, serious injury or allegations of sexual assault.

Iran strikes back at U.S. with missile attack at air base


Iran struck back at the United States early Wednesday for killing a top Revolutionary Guards commander, firing a series of ballistic missiles at two military bases in Iraq housing American troops in a major escalation between the two longtime foes.

It was Iran’s most direct assault on America since the 1979 seizing of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, and Iranian state TV said it was in revenge for the U.S. killing of Revolutionary Guard Gen. Qassem Soleimani, whose death last week in an American drone strike near Baghdad prompted angry calls to avenge his slaying. A U.S. and Iraqi officials said there were no immediate reports of casualties, though buildings were still being searched.

The strikes, which came as Iran buried Soleimani, raised fears that the two longtime foes were closer to war. But there were some indications that there would not be further retaliation on either side, at least in the short term.

‘All is well!’ President Donald Trump tweeted shortly after the missile attacks, adding, ‘So far, so good’ regarding casualties.

Moments earlier, Iran’s foreign minister tweeted that Tehran had taken “& concluded proportionate measures in self-defence,” adding that Tehran did “not seek escalation” but would defend itself against further aggression.

The killing of Soleimani — a national hero to many in Iran — and strikes by Tehran came as tensions have been rising steadily across the Mideast after Trump’s decision to unilaterally withdraw America from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers.

They also marked the first time in recent years that Washington and Tehran have attacked each other directly rather than through proxies in the region. It raised the chances of open conflict erupting between the two enemies, who have been at odds since Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution and the subsequent U.S. Embassy takeover and hostage crisis.

Adding to the chaos and overall jitters, a Ukrainian airplane carrying at least 170 people crashed outside Tehran on Wednesday morning, state TV reported. There was no immediate word on casualties. The plane had taken off from Imam Khomeini International Airport and mechanical issues were suspected to be the cause, the report said.

Iran initially announced only one missile strike, but U.S. officials confirmed both. U.S. defence officials were at the White House, likely to discuss options with Trump, who launched the attack on Soleimani while facing an upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate,

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard warned the U.S. and its regional allies against retaliating over the missile attack against the Ain al-Asad air base in Iraq’s western Anbar province. The Guard issued the warning via a statement carried by Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency.

“We are warning all American allies, who gave their bases to its terrorist army, that any territory that is the starting point of aggressive acts against Iran will be targeted,” the Guard said. It also threatened Israel.

After the strikes, a former Iranian nuclear negotiator posted a picture of the Islamic Republic’s flag on Twitter, appearing to mimic Trump who posted an American flag following the killing of Soleimani and others Friday.

Ain al-Asad air base was first used by American forces after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion that toppled dictator Saddam Hussein, and later saw American troops stationed there amid the fight against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. It houses about 1,500 U.S. and coalition forces. The U.S. also acknowledged another missile attack targeting a base in Irbil in Iraq’s semiautonomous Kurdish region.

The Iranians fired a total of 15 missiles, two U.S. officials said. Ten hit Ain al-Asad and one the base in Irbil. Four failed, said the officials, who were not authorized to speak publicly about a military operation.

Two Iraqi security officials said at least one of the missiles appeared to have struck a plane at the Ain al-Asad base, igniting a fire. There were no immediate reports of casualties from the attacks, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity as they had no permission to brief journalists.

Canada’s Chief of the Defence Staff General Jonathan Vance confirmed on Twitter that all Canadian Armed Forces personnel are “safe and accounted for” following the attack.

About 70 Norwegian troops also were on the air base but no injuries were reported, Brynjar Stordal, a spokesperson for the Norwegian Armed Forces told The Associated Press.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also said all of his country’s troops and diplomatic staff in Iraq are safe. Around 300 Australian defence personnel are stationed in Iraq.

Morrison said he spoke with President Donald Trump about the situation between the U.S. and Iran on Tuesday during a call about the wildfires raging in Australia.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Morrison said in reference to the killing of Revolutionary Guard Gen. Qassem Soleimani: “The United States have taken the action that they have to address what has been intelligence that they say that they received, which was putting their interests at risks and under threat.”

Trump visited the sprawling Ain al-Asad air base, about 100 miles or 60 kilometres west of Baghdad, in December 2018, making his first presidential visit to troops in the region. Vice-President Mike Pence also has visited the base.

“As we evaluate the situation and our response, we will take all necessary measures to protect and defend U.S. personnel, partners and allies in the region,” said Jonathan Hoffman, an assistant to the U.S. defence secretary.

Wednesday’s revenge attack happened a mere few hours after crowds in Iran mourned Soleimani at his funeral. It also came the U.S. continued to reinforce its own positions in the region and warned of an unspecified threat to shipping from Iran in the region’s waterways, crucial routes for global energy supplies.

U.S. embassies and consulates from Asia to Africa and Europe issued security alerts for Americans. The FAA also warned of a “potential for miscalculation or mis-identification” for civilian aircraft in the Persian Gulf amid in an emergency flight restriction.

A stampede broke out Tuesday at Soleimani’s funeral, and at least 56 people were killed and more than 200 were injured as thousands thronged the procession, Iranian news reports said.

Shortly after Iran’s revenge missile attack early Wednesday, Soleimani’s shroud-wrapped remains were lowered into the ground as mourners wailed at the grave site.

Tuesday’s deadly stampede took place in Soleimani’s hometown of Kerman as his coffin was being borne through the city in southeastern Iran, said Pirhossein Koulivand, head of Iran’s emergency medical services.

There was no information about what set off the crush in the packed streets, and online videos showed only its aftermath: people lying apparently lifeless, their faces covered by clothing, emergency crews performing CPR on the fallen, and onlookers wailing and crying out to God.

Hossein Salami, Soleimani’s successor as leader of the Revolutionary Guard, earlier addressed a crowd of supporters in Kernan and vowed to avenge Soleimani.

“We tell our enemies that we will retaliate but if they take another action we will set ablaze the places that they like and are passionate about,” Salami said.

Soleimani was laid to rest between the graves of Enayatollah Talebizadeh and Mohammad Hossein Yousef Elahi, two former Guard comrades killed in Iran’s 1980s war with Iraq. They died in Operation Dawn 8, in which Soleimani also took part. It was a 1986 amphibious assault that cut Iraq off from the Persian Gulf and led to the end of the war that killed 1 million.

The funeral processions in major cities over three days have been an unprecedented honour for Soleimani, seen by Iranians as a national hero for his work leading the Guard’s expeditionary Quds Force.

The U.S. blames him for killing U.S. troops in Iraq and accused him of plotting new attacks just before he was killed. Soleimani also led forces supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad in that country’s civil war. Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Assad in Syria on Tuesday amid the tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Soleimani’s slaying has led Tehran to abandon the remaining limits of its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers as his successor and others vow to take revenge.

In Iraq, pro-Iranian factions in parliament have pushed to oust American troops from Iraqi soil following Soleimani’s killing. Germany and Canada announced plans to move some of their soldiers in Iraq to neighbouring countries.

The FAA warning issued barred U.S. pilots and carriers from flying over areas of Iraqi, Iranian and some Persian Gulf airspace. The region is a major East-West travel hub and home to Emirates airline and Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest for international travel. It earlier issued warnings after Iran shot down a U.S. military surveillance drone last year that saw airlines plan new routes to avoid the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow mouth of the Persian Gulf.

The U.S. Maritime Administration warned ships across the Mideast, citing the rising threats. Oil tankers were targeted in mine attacks last year that the U.S. blamed on Iran. Tehran denied responsibility, although it did seize oil tankers around the Strait of Hormuz, through which 20% of the world’s crude oil travels.

The U.S. Navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet said it would work with shippers in the region to minimize any possible threat.
Gambrell reported from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Associated Press writers Matthew Lee, Lolita C. Baldor and Zeke Miller in Washington, Qassim Abdul-Zahra in Baghdad and Zeina Karam in Beirut contributed.

63 Canadians killed in Iran plane crash: Ukraine official

THE CANADIAN PRESS | posted Wednesday, Jan 8th, 2020

Ukraine’s minister of foreign affairs says 63 Canadians are among those killed in a plane crash just outside the Iranian capital of Tehran.

Vadym Prystaiko says there were also 82 Iranians and 11 Ukrainians on board the passenger jet carrying 176 passengers and crew.

He says there were also 10 Swedish nationals, four Afghans, three Germans and three British nationals.

Ukraine International Airlines officials say most of the passengers were transiting through Kyiv to other destinations.

The crash happened this morning hours after Iran launched a ballistic missile attack on two Iraqi bases housing U.S. soldiers, but both Ukrainian and Iranian officials say they suspected a mechanical issue brought down the Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Global Affairs Canada did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

With files from The Associated Press

Mixte Dating

LOULOU | posted Tuesday, Jan 7th, 2020

Black women who date bright white men, do you want to know how to appeal to white folks who like online dating black women? I how to start if I wide open a well-monitored match-making network for Nigerian men aiming to marry foreign ladies to get no invisible intention, are you going to foreign women patronise the network or perhaps still run to the invisible places you guys generally meet the terrible Nigerian guys that continue to keep tarnishing the of Nigerian men.

Become more open minded , nor concentrate a person those darker brothers that just date ideal skinned women. There are some darker skinned siblings out there that like dark skinned females to. We often have to remind myself not to say, “whats is incorrect with our community’, because when I say that I’m just being judgmental, and when I do that I become part of the problem and not the perfect solution is. I’m not really perfect and i also have problems in myself, and I may love to be perceived as a person in transform for the better great, as shall we also perceive our people if we like something great to come out of all of them.

Usually any time a white daughter say she won’t date black, people usually assume it is because your sweetheart got a problem with dark people, but it could be due white guys dating black ladies to additional reason, age. g. her parents are racist to blacks and don’t prefer her currently black and this girl don’t wish to piss off her father and mother.

Along the way, I’ve truly dated bright white guys who wanted to understand blackness; white men who pretended my blackness didn’t can be found; a Judaism guy who was well-meaning yet politically infuriating; and a Honduran guy who immediately ditched me just for my best friend.

Women are just smarter than men in some tasks, so you perform not really find out that some stray Someone when said, “A smart woman makes her man feel that he is Terme conseillé. ” My spouse and i get fed up of hearing guys criticize females as if that they (men) will be super jocks when a lot of women fill their particular heads with crap simply to make them feel great.

There is practically nothing about me that makes us a safe” Black chick just for White folks to holler at. The reality is that I have got a active interpersonal life in a diverse city, and I typically find me personally in areas filled with males of various racial, ethnic and nationality backdrops.

Gilbert, a lesser middle school Coloradoan in his 30s, defined himself simply because attracted to dark women, although a particular type: I are attracted to dark women that fit my personal ideal slim body type, and ones exactly who are ideal skinned. ” His reflection of being interested in black women who are of a lighter pores and skin elicits the long-heralded notion that black is merely beautiful when it is synonymous which has a multiracial personality.

The go up of one mothers from households high are no longer married couples creating stableness and healthier upbringing therefore you develop into a healthy young man and woman with knowledge of college thinks strong committed relationship is very you can immolate that structure.

The right way to Seduce A Hot Korean Girl

Interracial dating sites are all the rage. For instance , Simply no rice, zero spice” is a common phrase about gay online dating sites used to indicate that users do not really want messages coming from Asian or perhaps Latino guys; others will be more blunt and just write No Blacks or Asians. ” I have but to hear a white individual say that they may be not drawn to white persons.

I in the morning personally not a crossstitching dresser, nor gay, neither whatever else, although I have attained several guys who look more attractive in skirt than a lot of women and due to two sisters, my mother, an great aunt and a grandmother, I know how to paint nails better than the common teenage girl.

These kinds of mentioned interpersonal locations included pornographic media, homosexual clubs and bars, casual sex encounters as well as intimate relationships This kind of high frequency was recorded inside Plummer’s study to be therefore related to the recorded smaller self-esteem, internalised sexual racism, and increased psychological relax in individuals of shade People subject to this form of racial discernment are targeted in a way well put by Hook.

The corporation, which was formerly named Belissima Italia ahead of expanding abroad, arranges trips for groupings ranging from fewer than 10 to 70. Your woman could conveniently name all the ladies she’s taken to Italy exactly who are currently in relationships with, or committed to, German men.

Some of the people reasons will be that many white colored men nonetheless deem black women inferior to white-colored women or black race inferior to white contest, in many parts of the world it truly is still not really socially acceptable for a white-colored man to date a dark-colored woman, many white men are still afraid to socially admit that they can be attracted to black women, many white men do not wish to have black kids (and as a result won’t also consider dating a black woman), many white men will be scared of just how others think about them dating a dark woman, various other white guys simply prefer white ladies or women from another race, but yet other white-colored men might simply not have access to online dating black women of all ages even if they will wanted to.

I simply won’t disregard FLAMING REDDISH RED FLAGS next time, and I’ll just get out in case the guy and his kids are really selfish wherever I’m just simply seen as an outsider with extra money and resources and my own place, and howdy ‘what can easily she perform for us’ – trust me, I did LOTS (helped pay bills, bought groceries, gave the kid and her friends rides all around town).

We also sort of dating a men. now i am 27 and he is twenty three. I think beds much different than I was 20. I feel hence confident about myseft, receive sexier, more sexual experience, more calm. I was lousy at making love when I was 20. I had been always assess myseft to other young men has great body and strong lovemaking but he is not so develop fully which make me personally mad is likewise feel like a failure compare to myself I’m man also alluring and enjoying person but we had a rough details in our betrothed, He offered a lot of stress and i also feel feel dissapointed about that I did marry young men has my love, emotion, sexual sense, don’t have love-making yet. We don’t know in the event that this romance will work? in the event that girl are individual I suggest certainly not rush in marry.

When teenagers are asked if they might be ready to have a much older woman, an answer that may be often provided is only in case the sugar the female will allow these to also have sex with girls their age or perhaps younger, mainly because they know the older woman won’t provide them with the same sexual fulfillment that a 10 years younger woman can easily.

Well, whatever you were undertaking, to your point about assumptions about the socioeconomic status of mixte couples, I believe, as with various other things encircling this problem, that there is not a way for us they are required, “Most people…” or “Most black women…” or “Most white men…”.

Why Dark Women In the united states Are Being Told To Find Take pleasure in In The european countries

Are you a white man whoms attracted to dark-colored women although you have problems approaching them? Like We said previous, Nigerian guys love bright white women a lot of, and would love to spend the rest of their lives with a light woman, although unfortunately, background has taught Nigerian males that white colored women who committed Nigerian males in the past and had children with then, never stayed back again with their Nigerian husbands, rather, they all deserted their Nigerian partners in Nigeria and travelled back to their house country when using the children they’d with the Nigerian men, departing the Nigerian men that married white colored women childless at old age.

Although the demarcation of difference and pathology regarding black can certainly genitalia may well have changed over time via shape and formation inside the 1800s to color scheme” this year, it is always the same that black women’s vaginas are constructed dyadically to the genitalia of whites.

Race is a hot subject matter, what with Black Lives Matter; some renowned black multi-millionaires hating on America in public; professors being told to show kids regarding ‘white privilege; ‘ ‘micro-aggressions’ and ‘safe places; ‘ jobs and college or university slots currently being divided up by race.

You will find the easy alluring latina upon various dating sites and just by the bikini photos you can notify what kind of ladies she is. Time frame them and be great if you do. Most are desperate in solving the economic situation and generally have a new boy among the at a young age.

To be able to avoid this heartbreaking experience, Nigerian men started keeping two marriages- one in Nigeria as a back-up and one in the foreign nation where they live, and a lot of them not necessarily happy this process, but they are usually pushed in it by their loved ones at home, who all do be reminded of Nigerian men during the past who lost all the children they had with white women of all ages.

We’ve performed a research and we would like to talk about out our handy thoughts about bright white men looking for black women It is a sound judgment that Black woman and White man dating is a lttle bit different than the normal relation among 2 people from the comparable race, although there’re various benefits.

Elijah Anderson, a professor of sociology at Yale, has documented: While light people generally avoid dark-colored space, dark people are forced to navigate the white space as a condition of their everyday living. ” I will be not sure just where and how I, the kid of zugezogener Caribbean parents, learned to navigate as good.

Though they will vary in tone — some are celebratory, extolling the pleasures of finding “Swirling Success in Sweden” while others are keep hard-nosed texts like “The Dating Real truth for Dark-colored Women: Head to Europe and Don’t Look Back” — every site demands that dark-colored women in the states are better off looking for like in another country.

Most of the conversations that other women book for their Weekend brunch catch-ups with girlfriends or individual group talks are all laid out in their very own plain, undressed glory before a crowd of complete other people who find endless entertainment in the recoil worthy and, at times, tragic reality to be a dark-colored woman dating in the associated with the internet.

Female back in my own country even though just as eye-catching many not really feel the need to look their particular absolute best daily of the week, whereas many Japanese women do. I have to admit I have seen several awesome changes on the teaches seeing the before and after conjure. In many case the following make-up seems as if a completely completely different person, occasionally undesirable, sometimes good.

Wait for ‘high’ before gobbling more cannabis edibles to avoid ER visit: doctors

CAMILLE BAINS, THE CANADIAN PRESS | posted Tuesday, Jan 7th, 2020

People who have never smoked marijuana could be most at risk of overdosing on cannabis-infused edibles that will soon be on store shelves across the country, warns a public health physician who says first-time users may keep noshing away while expecting a high, only to experience a racing heart, anxiety and panic attacks.

Dr. Lawrence Loh, adjunct professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, said overdose from overconsumption often means a trip to the emergency room for those who are unaware that feeling the mellow effects of pot from edibles can take several hours because of the time needed to digest and absorb food into the small intestine versus quickly inhaling the drug through the lungs.

Seniors are especially at risk because of a slower metabolism, Loh said of non-lethal overdose from edibles, which federal regulations limit to an individual serving size of a 10-milligram dose of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

However, someone who eats an entire package of cannabis-infused product could be taking in a whopping 100 milligrams of THC and putting themselves at risk, even though regulations require products to be individually wrapped in 10-milligram serving sizes.

“I think the big thing for anyone in the public, especially cannabis-naive individuals or people who have edibles around with children at home, is to first and foremost avoid overdosing,” Loh said.

“There’s psychotic reactions so people may lose touch with reality, sometimes in the form of hallucinations or delusions and also anxiety or panic attacks along with decreased judgment.”

Loh is co-author of a commentary published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on the health risks of cannabis edibles.

Short-term effects of edibles are not the only issue of concern, he said.

“There are still those longer term, chronic risks around edibles, particularly around addiction and also the risk of exacerbation of existing mental-health issues that we might be worried about in the longer run with cannabis edibles as well as any form of cannabis,” he said.

Regulations governing edibles, beverages, vapes and topical forms of cannabis came into effect last October, a year after Canada legalized fresh or dried bud, oil, plants and seeds.

Cannabis edibles such as cookies, chocolate and gummies were available for sale starting in December in all provinces except Ontario, Quebec and Alberta, where consumers can access them in mid-January.

In Ontario, for example, edibles will be available as of this week in stores, and then online in mid-January through the provincial distributor as a part of a slow rollout over the next few months.

A University of Colorado School of Medicine study published last March in the Annals of Internal Medicine says an increase in emergency-room visits related to edibles prompted health experts to issue warnings about cardiac and psychiatric issues in the state that began selling recreational marijuana in 2014. Packaging, potency and labelling restrictions on edibles did not come into effect until a year later before being tightened to require labels to prominently display the potency of psychoactive ingredients.

Loh said there’s a lack of data on edibles in general but consumers should also beware that illicit, unregulated products still exist and could be problematic because of issues such as mould.

The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction recommended last July that anyone who has never smoked or vaped cannabis should not consume more than 2.5 milligrams of THC in a product and wait to feel the effects before taking more.

Dr. Jeff Finkler, an emergency-room physician at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, said he sees plenty of patients, mostly females in their late teens and early 20s, who come in having panic attacks or anxiety from eating too much of a cannabis-infused food and sometimes mixing it with alcohol or other substances.

“The thing that people forget is that there’s a delayed response,” he said, adding users often think the recommended dosage couldn’t possibly pack a buzz. They are sometimes given a benzodiazepine to counteract the effects of an overdose before being sent home.

“Don’t cut off more than the actual dose just because it looks so small. You don’t want to eat the whole thing. That little thing’s got eight doses or 10 doses,” he said of a package.

“It’s not like smoking. When you start to feel weird you can stop inhaling. But when you ingest it, man, it’s on board.”

While 10 milligrams of THC is the recommended dosage, the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana in a food is hard to measure, he said.

“It requires very sophisticated analytical equipment and it’s even more complicated when they use chocolate because people think it enhances the viability of the THC but chocolate interferes with the measurement of the actual amount.”

“Start low, go slow, and wait. Be patient if you’re going to take the edibles.”

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