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Show Notes

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

In studio:

  • Electrical Safety During A Storm
    Steve Smith – GM of Harm Suppression, Electrical Safety Authority
    Web: www.esasafe.com
    Social: @homeandsafety
  • Cannabis And The Restaurant Industry
    Chad Finkelstein, Business Lawyer Dale & Lessman
    Shanna Munro – Restaurants Canada
  • Hometown Hockey
    Ron MacLean – Hometown Hockey/Sportsnet
    Tara Slone – Hometown Hockey/Sportsnet
    Social: @HometownHockey @RonMacLeanHTH @TaraSlone

On location:

  • Stella is LIVE at Black Creek Pioneer Village

Monday, August 20, 2018

In studio:

  • Beacon: Mental Health App
    Sam Duboc – CEO, BEACON
    Web: www.mindbeacon.com
    Social: @BeaconCBT
  • Talking about PTSD
    Dr. Katy Kamkar, Ph.D., C. Psych.
  • Dorm Room Makeovers just in time for back-to-school
    Shai DeLuca Tamas – Shai DeLuca Interior Design Inc.
    Social: @ShaiDeLuca
  • How to have the Sex Talk
    Kim Shiffman – Editor-in-Chief, Today’s Parent
    Social: @Shiffer
    Web: www.todaysparent.com/family/parenting/age-by-age-guide-to-talking-to-kids-about-sex
  • Cuts to City Council
    Professor Pauline Beange, Political Science Dept., U of T

On location:

  • Stella is LIVE at Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club

Friday, August 17, 2018

In studio:

  • National Thrift Store Day!
    Josh Roter – Co-Owner of In Vintage We Trust
  • Gas prices drop 4 cents in the GTA
    Dan McTeague, Senior Petroleum Analyst, GasBuddy.com
    Social: @GasBuddyDan
  • The Star of ‘Never Saw It Coming’
    Eric Roberts – Actor
    Social: @EricRoberts
  • BT Takes the Agni Challenge
    Chef Karthik Kumar – My Roti Place
    Website: www.myrotiplace.com
    Instagram: @myrotiplace
    Facebook: My Roti Place
    Twitter: @My_Roti_Place
    Do it yourself:

    KK’s Agni Challange- for two
    Green chilles – 4
    Thai Chilles – 2
    Carolina reaper -2 
    Jamaican scotch Bonnet- 2
    Vindaloo paste – 2 ounce ( made of red chilles, vinegar, garlic and Indian whole spices)
    Smoked chipotle peppers -1
    Habenoro chilles – 1 
    Korean chilly paste -1 ounce 
    White chilly powder – 1 TBSP
    Black pepper powder – 1/2 TBSP
    White pepper powder – A pinch 
    Kashmiri chilly powder – 1/2 TBSP
    Fresh Tomato Paste  – 2 ounce
    Boiled onion paste-
    Ginger And Garlic paste -1 ounce
    Lemon juice – a drizzle
    Cilantro – 1 TBSP
    Roasted Fenugreek leaves- 1 TBSP
    Salt – To Taste
    Turmeric – 1/4TBSP
    Coriander – 1/2 TBSP
    Blended Gram Masala – 1/2 TBSP
    Fennel – 1/2 TBSP
    Canola Oil – 2 TBSP.
    Method –
    Cook all the fresh chilles in the oil till it’s get roast. cool and make a paste of it. 
    Add Canola oil, add Fennel Seeds, Ginger and Garlic paste and cook for 2 mins.
    Add all the dry spices and cook for a min
    Add Tomato paste,Onion paste and cook for 7 mins.
    Add cilantro, lemon juice, fenugreek  leaves, gram masala and salt 
    Enjoy with any Cooked protein or Veggies in Roti or Rice.
  • Calming Back-To-School Jitters
    Natasha Sharma – Relationship and Parenting Expert
    Web: www.nkstherapy.com 

On location:

  • Stella is LIVE at Wheels on the Danforth Street Festival

Thursday, August 16, 2018

In studio:

  • DIY Ice cream using natural flavours!
    Chef Nadège Nourian – Owner, Nadège Patisserie
    Web: www.nadege-patisserie.com
    Instagram: @nadegetoronto
    Facebook: Nadege Patisserie
    Twitter: @nadegetoronto
    Make Vanilla Ice Cream Yourself:

    Recipe by: Chef Nadège Nourian, Chef and Owner NADÈGE Patisserie


    * 518 grams milk

    * 165 grams cream

    * 50 grams milk powder

    * 2 Whole vanilla beans

    * 5 Egg yolks

    * 130 grams sugar

    * 20 grams honey


    1. In a medium sized saucepan bring milk, cream and milk powder to a boil.

    2. Cut the vanilla beans in half, scrape the seeds inside pot along with the vanilla beans.

    3. Add in sugar, honey, and egg yolks, and stir continuously until everything is combined.

    4. Check the temperature using a thermometer. When the temperature reaches 85℃ maximum, stop cooking and remove the saucepan from the heat.

    5. Cool the crème anglaise down fast in a bowl on ice.

    6. Keep the mix in the fridge for 24 hours.

    7. The next day take out the vanilla beans and churn the crème anglaise in an ice cream machine.

    8. Scoop and enjoy!

  • ‘A Girl Lives Alone’ – a Summerworks Production using Foley
    Jessica Moss, Writer/Director, ‘A Girl Lives Alone’
    Andrew Musselman, Actor and Foley Artist
    Web: www.sumerworks.ca
  • Canopy Growth
    Bruce Linton, CEO, Canopy Growth
    Social: @CanopyGrowth

On location:

  •  Stella is LIVE at the Canadian National Exhibition

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

In studio:

  • Shopping smart for back to school
    Bruce Sellery – Financial Expert
    Web: www.moolala.ca
    Social: @brucesellery
  • Jack.org – Peer to peer mental health support for students
    Shayan Yazdanpanah and Dan Derkach – Student Leaders
    Web: www.jack.org
  • His journey to becoming a Canadian Country Music Star + heading at Budweiser Stages
    Dean Brody – Canadian Country Music Star
    Web: www.deanbrody.com
    Twitter/Instagram: @deanbrody

On location:

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

In studio:

  • Buddy The Service Dog retires after 13 years
    Jane Boake – Founder, COPE Service Dogs
    Buddy – COPE “Canines in the Classroom” Service Dog
    Web: www.buddypaddlessimcoe.com 
  • The Small World Music Festival 2018
    Alan Davis – Executive Director, Small World Music
    Anita Graciano – Member of Baoba
    Y Josephine – Member of Baoba
    Mari Palhares – Member of Baoba
    Web: www.smallworldmusic.com
    Social: @SmallWorldNotes
    Instagram: @Baoba.Musica
  • Voyageur Cup Finals – Round 2: Toronto FC VS Vancouver Whitecaps
    Dwayne DeRosario, Former TFC Captain/Voyageurs Cup Champion
    Social:@TorontoFC /@DwayneDero

On location:

  • Stella is LIVE at Toronto Botanical Gardens


Monday, August 13, 2018

In studio:

On location:

  • Stella is LIVE at Horse Palace, Exhibition Place

Friday, August 10, 2018

In studio:

  • With World Elephant Day on Sunday, Amarula is taking a stand and protecting African Elephants
    Dr. Paula Kahumbu, Elephant Conservationist/CEO of Wildlife Direct
    Web: www.amarulatrust.com
    Hashtag: #AmarulaTrust
  • Madeline Merlo performs ‘Neon Love’ LIVE
    Madeline Merlo- Country Singer
    Social: @MadelineMerlo
  • The Aging Suit – showing the affects of aging
    Zannat Reza – Founder/CEO – Thrive360
  • Vinny From Jersey Shore is here for CanFitPro
    Vinny Guadagnino – Star of Jersey Shore
    Social: @KetoGuido / @CanFitPro
    Web: www.canfitpro.com 

On location:

  • Stella is LIVE at Greektown’s Taste of The Danforth


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