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Friday, April 24, 2015


In studio:

  • New products from the Baby Time Show
    Melissa Arnott, Baby Time Show
    The Baby Time Show is running April 24-26 at the International Centre, Mississauga
  • Dean Brody performs live on the BT Stage!
    Dean Brody, musician
    deanbrody.com | Facebook: Dean Brody | Twitter: @DeanBrody
  • We learn about the new trend ‘Joga’ -yoga for jocks
    Jana Webb, Founder Joga ; Andre Durie, Running Back, Toronto Argonauts ; Chad Owens, Wide Receiver, Toronto Argonauts
  • A look at Hot Docs featured film “How to Change the World”
    Emily Hunter, Environmental Activist, Writer, Filmmaker
    www.hotdocs.ca | Twitter: @HotDocs

On location with the Live Eye: