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Friday, August 10, 2018

In studio:

  • With World Elephant Day on Sunday, Amarula is taking a stand and protecting African Elephants
    Dr. Paula Kahumbu, Elephant Conservationist/CEO of Wildlife Direct
    Web: www.amarulatrust.com
    Hashtag: #AmarulaTrust
  • Madeline Merlo performs ‘Neon Love’ LIVE
    Madeline Merlo- Country Singer
    Social: @MadelineMerlo
  • The Aging Suit – showing the affects of aging
    Zannat Reza – Founder/CEO – Thrive360
  • Vinny From Jersey Shore is here for CanFitPro
    Vinny Guadagnino – Star of Jersey Shore
    Social: @KetoGuido / @CanFitPro
    Web: www.canfitpro.com 

On location:

  • Stella is LIVE at Greektown’s Taste of The Danforth