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Friday, Feb. 23, 2018

In studio:

  • Canadian Olympic Bronze Medalist Phylicia George LIVE from PyeongChang
    Phylicia George, Olympic Bronze Medalist
    Twitter: @phyliciageorge
  • R&B Superstar Mya on her career, 13th studio album and upcoming performance at the Black Diamond Ball
    Mya, R&B singer
    Tickets to Black Diamond Ball: blackdiamondballto.com
    Instagram/Twitter: @MyaPlanet9
    Web: www.myamya.com
  • 3 ways to remove your makeup easily and quickly, each depending on the amount of time you have
    Tracy Peart, Beauty/Makeup Expert
    Social: @TracyPMakeup
  • Arash Madani with an Olympic update LIVE from PyeongChang
    Arash Madani, Sportsnet
    Twitter: @ArashMadani
    Web: sportsnet.ca