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Friday, Jan. 12, 2018

In studio:

  • New Sportsnet podcast “31 Thoughts: The Podcast with Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman”
    Elliotte Friedman, Host, Hockey Night In Canada
    Jeff Marek, Host, NHL on Sportsnet
  • Creating bowls from one of Toronto’s most Instagrammable food spots – Calii Love Restaurant
    Chef Michael Paruboki, Calii Love Restaurant
  • Everything you need to know about this season’s rampant strain of the flu
    Dr. Michelle Murti, Physician, Public Health Ontario

On location:

  • Mayor Tory meeting with King Street business owners claiming sales have plummeted since beginning of streetcar pilot project
    Tony Elenis, CEO, Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association
  • Adam Wylde LIVE at the Toronto International Boat Show
    Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place, January 12th-21st
    Twitter: @torontoboatshow #TOboatshow
  • 500 year-old relic of St. Francis Xavier’s arm goes on display at 10:30 on Friday at St. Michaels
    Angèle Regnier, Coordinator, St. Francis Xavier Relic Pilgrimage