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Friday, July 20, 2018

In studio:

  • Across our planet, the equivalent of one dump-truck load of plastic enters our oceans every minute. Shoreline cleanups are an easy way to help stop litter from entering the water. Joining us from the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup initiative is Susan Debreceni
    Susan Debreceni – Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
    Web: www.shorecleanup.ca
  • Our First Contestant is a Jeopardy Champion who recently won 3 rounds of Actual Jeopardy and is now a Toronto Celeb
    Michelle Cabra – Jeopardy Champion/Teacher
  • In an effort to combat rising gun violence, the city is adding an additional 200 frontline officers on the night shift, starting this evening, lasting through most of the summer. As of last Sunday, 26 people have died in gun violence, that’s up from 17 last year at this time. Joining us to talk about the need for stepped up presence is Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders
    Mark Saunders – Toronto Police Chief
  •  We learn all about Breaking Bread “Italian Style”, Culinary Adventurist Christiano Pritchardo shows us how to put together the perfect pranzo, an Italian sharing style lunch
    Christiano Pritchardo – Executive Chef/ Culinary Adventurist
  • The extreme heat and dry weather we’ve been experiencing probably has your lawn looking not-so-hot. Frankie Flowers to the rescue – he’s here with tips to help make your yard look lush in this drought
  • He has been given the title of the “Most Interesting Man in the world,” with a 50 year television career, acting alongside John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, he has now become the most shared meme of our generation! Jonathan Goldsmith is here!
    Jonathan Goldsmith, Pop Culture Icon/“Most Interesting Man in the World”
    Instagram/Twitter:@stay_interesting #stayinteresting

On location:

  • Stella is LIVE at Celebration Square