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Friday, July 27, 2018

In studio:

  • Traveling alone tips for females
    Travel Expert, Travelzoo – Susan Catto
    Twitter: @sjcatto
  • 6th annual Boat Rally for Kids with Cancer
    Billy Baldwin
    Web: www.boatrallyforkids.com
    Social: @RallyForKids
  • Managing video games over the summer
    Kim Shiffman –¬†Editor-in-Chief – Today’s Parent
  • Young 3
    JYD (Junkyard Dog) – Former Toronto Raptor
    Web: www.Young3.org
    Social: @JunkYardDogJW
  • Big 3 League
    Ice Cube
    Web: www.big3.com
    Social: @icecube

On location: