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Friday July 5, 2019

In studio:

  • 6:24 AM
    Summer vacation has a lot of people thinking about getaways – but look no further than your own backyard! There’s lots to see and do right here in Toronto – and tourists are flocking to our city. Matt McNama is here to talk Toronto tourism.
    Twitter: @MattMcNama  |  @SeeTorontoNow
    Instagram: @SeeTorontoNow
    Web: Seetorontonow.com

  • 7:19 AM
    If you need fitness motivation, take a look at Brandon Rynka! Brandon is doing a 51km triathlon this weekend with a 7-foot tree tied to his back! All proceeds are donated to BurlingtonGreen, to help the environment.
    Instagram: @brandonrynka365
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/brandonrynka365/
    Web: www.burlingtongreen.org
  • 7:40 AM

    Hey Kids! School’s been out for a full week and who better to break the ice on summer vacation than the one and only iconic Canadian Children’s Music Performer Fred Penner. Fred is in town for a run of 5 shows next week at the Coal Mine Theatre and we wanted to catch up with the entertainer himself leading up to the performances.
    You can catch Fred Penner live @ the Coal Mine Theatre next Tue/Wed/Thu! There are limited tickets remaining so head over to www.coalminetheatre.com right now for tickets.
    Twitter: @PennerFred
    Instagram: @fpenner5
    Web: fredpenner.com

On location:

Nicole LIVE at Silent Voice Canada Inc.
101 Van Horne Ave., Toronto, ON

  • 7:24 AM
    Hit #1: Nicole is LIVE at Silent Voice Canada Inc. learning about their exciting summer programs for children in the deaf community.
  • 7:53 AM
    Hit #2: Nicole’s LIVE at Silent Voice Canada Inc. – offering a summer camp for deaf kids and their siblings to learn to bond and communicate while having fun!
  • 8:24 AM
    Hit #3: Nicole plays ‘ASL Trivia’ with the kids at Silent Voice Canada Inc.
  • 8:43 AM
    Hit #4: Nicole watches the kids at Silent Voice Canada Inc. play a game of soccer!