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Friday, June 13, 2014

In studio:

  • BT First: Star of ‘2047: Sights of Death,’ Stephen Baldwin
    Stephen Baldwin, actor
  • The latest parenting hot topics
    Sasha Emmons, editor-in-chief, Today’s Parent Magazine
    www.todaysparent.com | Twitter: @TodaysParent
  • Prints, graphics and more summer fashion trends with Want Boutique
    Pari Davis, fashion guru, Want Boutique
    www.want.ca | Twitter: @WantBoutique
  • Madonna trainer Tim Anderson with summer fitness tips
    Tim Anderson, Hard Candy Fitness
    www.hardcandyfitnesstoronto.com | Twitter: @HCFToronto
  • Family-favourite Phineas and Ferb creators
    Dan Povenmire; Jeff “Swampy” Marsh
    The 3rd Annual Toronto Animation Arts Festival runs from today through to June 16 at Corus Quay and George Brown Waterfront Campus.
  • Vocal coaching site PleaseJudgeMe.com helps train your singing abilities
    Mark Joelson, PleaseJudgeMe.com
    www.PleaseJudgeMe.com | Twitter: @_PleaseJudgeMe