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Friday, June 16, 2017

In Studio:

  • Female breadwinners
    Natasha Sharma, relationship expert and author of ‘The Kindness Journal’
  • Cosby jury deadlock
    Ari Goldkind, criminal defense lawyer
  • Viral Craigslist ad dad
    Doug Sherman, viral BBQ dad and daughter, Amy Sherman
  • Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra
    Salmon Cupid, musical director
    Facebook: TorontoAllStars | torontoallstars.com
    The band is trying to raise money to ship instruments to and from Australia, if you want to help out, they’ve started a Go Fund Me account: gofundme.com/tassoaustralia
  • Easy outdoor entertaining
    Tamara Robbins Griffith, design expert
    Twitter: @HomeSensehomesense.ca