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Friday June 28, 2019

In studio:

  • 7:37 AM

    Jamaal Magloire stops by BT with the Toronto Revellers, ahead of Caribbean Carnival Once a player for the Raptors, Magloire is now a community ambassador for the team Toronto Revellers to host ‘Escape’ event this Sunday 3-10 at Ontario Science Centre, benefitting at-risk youth.
    Twitter: @torevellers | @jamaalmagloire
    Instagram: @torontorevellers | @jamaal.magloire 
    Web: www.torontorevellers.com | jamaalmagloirefoundation.com/
  • 8:34 AM

    We’re heading into the first long weekend of Summer! From veggie burgers to yummy cocktails, Pay has the fab foodie finds perfect for your Canada Day celebrations!
    Twitter: @PayChen
    Instagram: @PAYCHEN

On location:

Nicole LIVE at Festival Theatre
10 Queen’s Parade in Niagara-on-the-Lake

  • 6:41 AM
    Hit #1: Nicole’s LIVE at Festival Theatre with Alexis Gordon and George Krissa as they tell us what audiences can expect from ‘Brigadoon’.
  • 7:23 AM
    Hit #2: Nicole’s LIVE at the Festival Theatre with Madelyn Kriese to talk about ‘Brigadoon’ and the show’s Scottish costume design!
  • 7:51 AM
    Hit #3: Nicole gets a Scottish accent lesson with dialect coaches Jennifer Toohey and Patty Jamieson!
  • 8:22 AM
    Hit #4: Nicole learns fight choreo with fight captain Gabi Sundar Singh, Travis Seetoo and Gabi Sundar Singh!
  • 8:41 AM
    Hit #5: Dance captain David Ball and cast members teach Nicole choreography from ‘Brigadoon’.