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Friday March 15, 2019

In studio:

  • 6:20 AM
    How to protect your home from flood damage this Spring
    Roberto Lamas, Canada’s Restoration Services
    The warmer temperatures are finally here, but with snow melt and rain in the forecast our homes are at risk for flooding. Roberto Lamas from Canada’s Restoration Services joins us this morning with what to do if your home has flood damage.
  • 6:40 AM
    What’s on for sports this weekend
    Hugh Burrill, Sportsnet
    Sportsnet’s Hugh Burrill breaks down what’s on for sports this weekend!
    Twitter: @hughwburrill
  • 7:09 AM
    This violinist is performing at Comicon this weekend!
    Brigit O’Regan, electric violinist
    Violinist Brigit O’Regan is here with a special preview of the Star Wars tribute she will be performing at Toronto Comicon this weekend!
    Twitter: @brigitoregan
  • 7:20 AM
    Trouble sleeping? Here are some tips for a good night sleep!
    Mairlyn Smith, @MairlynSmith
    Mairlyn Smith joins us this morning with her top tips for a good night sleep!
    Twitter: @MairlynSmith
  • 7:40 AM
    BT kids got talent week: 9-year old singer Roberta 
    Roberta Battaglia, 9-year old singer
    9-year old Roberta B sings an amazing cover of Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper’s duet ‘Shallows’
    Twitter: @RobertaBOffici2
  • 7:55 AM
    BT kids got talent week: 9-year old dancer, Sekhai
    Sekhai, 9-year old dancer
    We discovered 9-year old Sekhai LIVE at Spring Fest earlier this week & brought him on BT to show us his moves!
  • 8:30 AM
    The Irish dancers from McGinley Academy!
    Irish dancers, McGinley Academy of Irish Dance
    The Irish dancers will be performing at Canada’s largest St. Paddy’s Day party on Saturday at 11pm on 11 Polson Street!
    Twitter: @SPDCanada

On location:

  • The Princess Ball
    Hilton, Toronto 145 Richmond Street West

    7:25 AM
    Hit #1: Nicole is LIVE at The Princess Ball at the Hilton Hotel!7:52 AM
    Hit #2: Nicole is live at the Hilton Hotel for The Princess Ball talking to the event’s creator about how it all started!

    8:21 AM
    Hit #3: Nicole is live from the Hilton Hotel at the Princess Ball where kids can meet their favourite Princesses, make crafts and more!

    8:38 AM
    Hit #4: Nicole is live at the Princess Ball chatting with ‘Glama Gal Spa’ about the awesome glam treatments available for kids at the Princess Ball this year!