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Friday, March 23, 2018

In studio:

  • Celebrating National Puppy Day with service puppies from the Lions Foundation of Canada
    Sam Hobbes, Breeding and Puppy Coordinator, Lions Foundation of Canada
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/LFCDogGuides
    Twitter: @LFCDogGuides
    Web: www.dogguides.com
  • What March For Our Lives means from the POV of a Grade 11 Toronto student
    Olivia Wright, Grade 11 Student, North Toronto Collegiate
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/marchforourlives
    Twitter: @AMarch4OurLives | #MarchForOurLives
    Instagram: marchforourlives
    Web: marchforourlives.com
  • WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss on her journey as a woman in wrestling, and tonight’s Road to WrestleMania show live at Ricoh Coliseum at 7:30pm
    Alexa Bliss, WWE Superstar
    Twitter: @AlexaBliss_WWE
    Web: WWE.com/Canada
  • Commonly found reptiles in cottage country – as part of the Spring Cottage Life Show, on now through Sunday at the International Centre in Mississauga
    Jeff Hathaway, Scales Nature Park
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/cottagelife
    Instagram/Twitter: @cottagelife
    Web: www.cottagelife.com/shows