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Friday, May 26, 2017

In studio:

  • Ramadan customs and traditions
    Dr. Sheliza Ibrahim Khan, assistant Professor at Western University
  • After Almost 91 Years, Vaughan Road Academy to close
    Jack Parker, Chair of the Vaughan Road Alumni Association and Lenny Solomon, alumnus and Juno Award winner
  • Inside Out LGBT Film Festival
    Max Emerson, writer and director of “Hooked”
    Twitter: @TheMaxisms, @InsideOutTO | hookedproject.com, insideout.ca, | Youtube: theMaxVicious
  • Andrew Hyatt preps for performance on Country Day at the Rogers Centre
    Andrew Hyatt
    Twitter: @AndrewHyattBand | Facebook: @AndrewHyattMusic
  • Choose it and Lose it BBQ
    Rose Reisman, nutrition and wellness expert