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Friday, Nov. 22, 2013

In studio:

  • #BTMovember update
    Officer Jesse and Officer Tyler, Mo Police; Lorraine Qinto, Mankind Grooming
    You can donate to the #BTMovember campaign by logging online, thanks to Mankind Grooming in Toronto.  The next 5 donations of a min of $40 will get a Gillette Prize Pack worth $100.
    www.mobro.co/btmovember | Twitter: #BTMovember
  • Quick and simple ideas that kids and parents will enjoy with tortillas
    Chef Bob Villeneuve, Director, Culinary Innovation and Executive Chef of Maple Leaf Foods
    www.dempsters.ca | Twitter: @Chef_Bob_V
    Cam Brohman, Co-Founder, BRANDAID Spokesperson; Arren Williams, Creative Director Home Furnishings, Hudson’s Bay
    The BRANDAID Haiti Project Collection is available nationally online as well as from November to December in a unique pop-up showroom at Hudson’s Bay Queen Street.
    www.thebay.com; www.brandaidproject.com
  • Top men’s essentials from the Gentlemen’s Expo
    Theresa Quick, Seriousshoppr
    The Gentlemen’s Expo runs this week-end at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building.
    www.gentlemensexpo.comwww.PRDepartment.ca | Twitter: @seriousshoppr
  • Training your eye for art
    Robert Heffel, Vice President, Heffel Fine Art Auction House