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Friday, September 27, 2013

In studio:

  • Your Credit Score: How college ruined it and how you spend the rest of your life fixing it
    Bruce Sellery, personal finance expert and columnist, MoneySense magazine
    Pick up Bruce’s book Moolala, available everywhere, and check out his columns in MoneySense Magazine.
    Twitter: @BruceSellery
  • Cast member from City’s new comedy series, Meet The Family!
    Liz Best, “Mom” on City’s new comedy series, Meet The Family
    Don’t miss City’s new comedy series, Meet The Family, premiering this Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on City.
    And you can catch a sneak peek of Meet The Family in advance of Sunday’s premiere, online at Citytv.com, and on the City Video App!
  • Designer dresses made from Cashmere bathroom tissue
    Farley Chatto, designer
    www.cashmere.ca | Facebook: /Cashmere
  • Auditions for Bollywood Star
    Veronica Chail, host, Bollywood Blvd on OMNI
    Auditions for Bollywood Star are tomorrow in Toronto at The Toronto Congress Centre, 650 Dixon Rd., Etobicoke.

On location with the Live Eye: