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Monday, August 20, 2018

In studio:

  • Beacon: Mental Health App
    Sam Duboc – CEO, BEACON
    Web: www.mindbeacon.com
    Social: @BeaconCBT
  • Talking about PTSD
    Dr. Katy Kamkar, Ph.D., C. Psych.
  • Dorm Room Makeovers just in time for back-to-school
    Shai DeLuca Tamas – Shai DeLuca Interior Design Inc.
    Social: @ShaiDeLuca
  • How to have the Sex Talk
    Kim Shiffman – Editor-in-Chief, Today’s Parent
    Social: @Shiffer
    Web: www.todaysparent.com/family/parenting/age-by-age-guide-to-talking-to-kids-about-sex
  • Cuts to City Council
    Professor Pauline Beange, Political Science Dept., U of T

On location:

  • Stella is LIVE at Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club