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Monday, August 28, 2017

In Studio:

  • Getting back into a healthy sleep routine
    Alanna McGinn, sleep expert
    Twitter: @LeonsFurniture | Facebook: @leonsfurnitureleons.ca
  • Homework – how to avoid the battles
    Ruth Rumack, director of education at Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space
    Twitter: @RRLStoronto | ruthrumack.com
  • East meets west chef competition
    Mairlyn Smith, professional home economist, chef Clinton Zhu, owner of Efun Culinary Arts Academy in China and chef Robert Mills, executive chef at the Fairmont Royal York
    Twitter: @MairlynSmith @FairmontRYH @LoveCDNbeef #beefbeyondborders/#RYHCanadaBeef/#Canada150