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Monday, Dec. 2, 2013


In studio:

  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper on 
    Prime Minister Stephen Harper
    www.agreatgamebook.com | Twitter: @PMHarper
    Click HERE to buy 

    Click to buy the book at Amazon.ca.

    Click to buy the book at Amazon.ca.

  • Nazem Kadri cooks up a storm
    Nazem Kadri, Toronto Maple Leaf; Karam Sbiet, chef, Paramount Fine Foods
    www.paramountfinefoods.com | Twitter: @43_Kadri
  • Holiday Weaknesses: Take charge of your calorie intake over the holidays
    Helene Charlebois, registered dietician
  • Finalists compete to win a brand new 2014 Toyota Corolla
    Andrew Tolson, director of photography, Maclean’s

On location with the Live Eye:

Tech & Trending:

  • BT YouTube Week:
    – Dr. Mad Science: Milk + Soap = Magic

    – Chris Hau: Guy parasailing and playing guitar at the same time!

    – Jon Kim: Little Things – One Direction