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Monday, June 30, 2014

In studio:

  • Drum4SickKids to raise $10,000 for The Hospital for Sick Kids
    Chris Gormley, Drum4SickKids
    Twitter: @DFDband | Facebook: /DaylightForDeadeyes
  • FIFA World Cup game day grub
    Matty Matheson, Executive Chef, The Dog & Bear Pub
    Twitter: @thedogandbear; @mattydeathbro | Instagram: @thedogandbear
  • Woodbine Hats and Horseshoes Party
    Jillian Vieira, FLARE Magazine
    Flare is hosting a Hats & Horseshoes Party beginning at 12 p.m., a chance for you to mix and mingle with some of Toronto’s most fashionably dressed.
    www.QueensPlate.com | Twitter: @FLAREfashion
  • Rob Ford’s return from rehab with Maclean’s Magazine
    Adrian Lee, Maclean’s Magazine
    www.macleans.ca | Twitter: @MacleansMag

  • Addictiv performs
    Her new album is simply called ‘Addictiv Me.’