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Monday, March 10, 2014

In studio:

  • To supplement or not to supplement: Before and after workout tips
    Stef Joanne, fitness expert, Cityline
    www.stephaniejoanne.com | Twitter: @StefJoanne
  • HELLO! Canada’s Alison Eastwood on the Canadian Screen Awards
    Alison Eastwood, Editor-in-Chief, HELLO! Canada Magazine
    You can check out more of  HELLO! Canada’s latest issue on newsstands tomorrow.
  • St. Patrick’s Day recipes
    Bryan Jurek
    You can visit one of the Fionn Macool’s locations near you.
  • Tebey performs
    Tebey Ottoh, singer
    See Tebey on March 27 in Hamilton. Tickets are on sale now via Tebey’s website.
    www.tebeymusic.com | Twitter: @Tebey

Breakfast Television at Wizard World Fun Park!

Wizard World Fun Park is Toronto’s ultimate March break destination at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place!

Their indoor fun park has entertainment to thrill the whole family with over 20 mechanical and inflatable rides, a little tots area for the under 5 set, arts and crafts, animals, elephant rides and more.

The first 100 viewers that show up on Wednesday, March 12, get to stay the day for free!