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Monday, March 12, 2018

In studio:

  • Unique food combinations… that actually taste good!
    Rose Reisman, Nutrition and Wellness Expert
    Social: @RoseReisman
    Web: artoflivingwell.ca
  • Canadian actor Bruce Greenwood on his role in City’s ‘The Resident’
    Bruce Greenwood, Star, ‘The Resident’
    Web: citytv.com/toronto/shows/the-resident/
  • Christine Elliott concedes Conservative Party Leadership race to Doug Ford
    Jim Warren, Political Strategist
    Social: @JamesBWarren
  • World Sleep Day: Top Google Questions around sleep and what it reveals about Canada’s sleep patterns
    Alexandra Hunnings-Klein, Trend Expert, Google Canada
    Social: @AlexHunnings

On location:

  • Adam LIVE at the National Home Show – located at The Enercare Centre from tomorrow until Sunday, March 18th
    Social: @HomeShowsTO | #everythingconnected | #nhs18 | #nationalhomeshow
    Web: nationalhomeshow.com