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Monday March 25, 2019

In studio:

6:20 AM
Melissa Millett, Animal Trainer
Melissa on what training the feline cast of ‘Pet Sematary’ was like

6:55 + 7:10 AM
Mary Walsh, Actor & Comedian
Mary on her infamous kiss with Stephen Harper and receiving the Earle Grey award at this year’s Canadian Screen Awards
Twitter: @marywalsh11

7:20 AM
Helen Hatzis, Chief Community and Development Officer for Genius 100
Helen Hatzis on Genius 100’s debut of the world’s first 3D printed book

7:40 AM
Andrea Donsky, Holistic Nutritionist, NaturallySavvy.com
Spring natural and organic product trends from this year’s Expo West
Twitter: @andreadonsky | @naturallysavvy

1. Environment 

One of the biggest trends this year was sustainability. How can we the consumer, help the environment by making better purchasing decisions, and what can companies do to make products that are more environmentally friendly.

Two companies that are leading the way in reducing the use of single use plastic bottles are: SodaStream and Brita.

Here are some cool stats: Each Canadian household can save up to 2,000 single-use plastic bottles a year by using a SodaStream. Have you ever used one? It’s a sparkling water maker. Last year alone, SodaStream users replaced 217 million single-use plastic bottles.

The other thing you can do to reduce your use of single use plastic bottles is to use a Brita pitcher with a built in filter. One filter replaces 1,800 single use plastic bottles a year. My mother loves her Brita filter! I love it because it filters our chlorine and lead, and the water tastes great.

2: Hemp

Another huge trend was hemp. Manitoba Harvest is leader when it comes to hemp-based foods. They recently launched their Hemp Yeah! Granola. Each serving has 10 grams of plant-based non-soy protein, and less than 10 grams of sugar. It comes in 3 flavours (Honey & Oats Blueberry and Dark chocolate) and it’s great for breakfast or as a snack.

3: Mushrooms

The next trend is mushrooms, and specifically mushroom supplements that include Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, shiitake and Chaga mushrooms. Different mushrooms have different properties and contain antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties. They are amazing for overall immunity and brain health, specifically memory. Both Pure Essence and Garden of Life have mushrooms lines with clean ingredients.

4: Adaptogens

Adaptogens are herbs that help us to cope better with stress and fatigue by regulating hormones. If our body needs a little more of something or a little less, herbs like tulsi and ashwaghanda help with energy, mental focus, and endurance. Organic India is new to Canada and has a line of Tulsi Teas and Supplements that contain adaptogenic herbs.

5: Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory continues to be a huge trend since it’s so closely related to chronic illness. The key is keeping that inflammation down on a consistent basis. One of my favourite supplements that I take daily is serrapeptase. It’s an enzyme that helps to break down protein in our body. It works really well for helping to reduce phlegm and breakdown fibrous tissue in the body and can also help with back pain.

6: Clean beauty

The last trend is clean beauty. I am so happy to see that this trend because we absorb 60% of what we put on our body so avoiding chemicals like parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol and other chemicals we know cause harm to our body, specifically hormones, is important. Natural beauty products have exploded with everything from skin care, to deodorant and make-up. 2 brands I’m really liking who are both local is Look Organics, and Clean Kiss Organics.

8:30 AM
Sarah Vermunt, Career Coach, Careergasm
Tips and advice for upcoming and recent graduates
Twitter: @careergasm | Instagram: @careergasm
Web: www.careergasm.com

Purchase Sarah’s book, ‘Career Rookie: A Get-It-Together Guide for Grads, Students and Career Newbies’


On location:

  • The Bata Shoe Museum
    327 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, on the southwest corner of Bloor and St. George streets

6:40 AM
Hit #1: Nicole checks out the All About Shoes Gallery with Sheila Knox, Head of Education and Programming!

7:50 AM
Hit #2: Nicole experiences the WANT exhibition with Senior Curator Elizabeth Semmelhack!

8:25 AM
Hit #3: Nicole’s at North Storage learning about the Circumpolar artefacts!

8:40: AM
Hit #4: Nicole’s putting the storage visit into context with a visit to the Art & Innovation exhibition!