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Monday, May 1, 2017

In Studio:

  • Janine Beckie, Canadian National Soccer Team and Under Armour athlete
    Janine Beckie, and Maya Rajhans, 11 years old | teamUANext.ca
  • Natalie Spooner brings hockey to Canada’s North
    Natalie Spooner – Olympic Gold Medalist | ProjectNorth.ca | Twitter: @ProjectNorthCDN 
  • Why tickets sell out so quickly and what Ticketmaster is doing to stop this
    Cynthia Mulligan, CityNews | Twitter: @citycynthia
  • Gracie Carroll shares her spring beauty picks
    Gracie Carroll – Flare Localist-at-Large | Flare.com | Rexall.ca | Twitter: @GracieCarroll

On Location:

Princess Margaret Home Lottery
97 Carmichael Crescent, King City
To order tickets: 1-866-631-1234 | Twitter: @PMLotto