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Monday Oct. 29, 2018

In studio:

  • Flu prevention
    Jill Promoli, flu prevention advocate; Karley Fallaise, Loblaws registered dietician; Victor Wong, Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist
    www.forejudeforeveryone.com | Twitter: @4jude4everyone
    Video: It’s flu prevention week!
    The flu season is upon us! 70-90% of flu cases are preventable through vaccination. Joining Roger this morning are flu prevention advocate Jill Promoli, Loblaws registered dietician Karley Fallaise, and Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist Victor Wong. They’re here to discuss the importance of getting vaccinated this season.
  • 6 year old football expert
    Emma Grant, football enthusiast; Ben Grant, Emma’s dad and football coach
    Twitter: @LP_Football
    Video: Video of six-year-old girl’s football calling skills goes viral
    This morning, we have a six-year-old football enthusiast who announces formations and coverages like a champ. Emma Grant and her dad Ben Grant join Roger to share her love for football and discuss her viral play-by-plays.
  • Everything you need to know about pears
    Wendy Barrett, national food educator
    www.usapears.org | Twitter: @USApears
    Video: Everything you need to know about pears
    This morning we have food educator Wendy Barrett with tips on choosing, buying, storing and incorporating seasonal pears into your recipes.
  • ‘Gender Physics’
    Betty Ann Heggie, author, mentor, and philanthropist
    www.bettyannheggie.com | Twitter: @BettyAnnHeggie
    Video: Leveraging strength of both genders in business world
    Masculine and feminine energy are present in each one of us. To show us how to leverage the strength of both genders in the business world is author of ‘Gender Physics’ Betty Ann Heggie.

On location: